Is Athlone Cape Town safe?

Is Athlone Cape Town safe?

Criminologist Guy Lamb said incidents of violent crime vary in Athlone, with some areas being safer than others. β€œIt is not considered to be one of the high-crime areas, but the murder level has increased by 50% last year compared to 2015/16 data, and the area is often affected by gang violence.

Is it safe for tourists in Cape Town?

The poor communities of the Cape Flats see 95% of the crime while the city centre and suburbs are pretty safe in terms of violent crime.” Just like with all the other major cities around the world, Cape Town is safe when you take certain universal safety measures in order to safeguard yourself and your belongings from …

What is the safest area to stay in Cape Town?

Cape Town has many safe areas for tourists. A luxury apartment or a beach villa on the Cape Peninsula suburbs such as Bakoven, Camps Bay, Clifton and Fresnaye are generally safe places to stay. Many upmarket holiday homes have the latest security features. They have CCTV cameras, alarm and armed response systems.

Is Athlone a safe place to live?

8. Re: Athlone-Safe? Athlone is not a city, it’s a really small town and been there before I didn’t see any problems. If you are going to have any issues in Ireland 99% of the time it will be in Dublin and even at that 99% of tourists don’t have any problems.

Is Durbanville safe?

It’s safe, community focussed and home to some of the best junior and high schools in the province. Durbanville offers an interesting mix of old and new properties, with the older sites tending to be larger with plenty of potential – and space – for renovations and generous reimaginings!

Is Caracas safe?

Visitors need to be aware that Caracas remains one of the most violent cities in the world, with large parts of the city effectively No Go Areas to outsiders. Murder tallies of as many as 40 are not uncommon on weekends, so exercising caution and common sense – especially at night – is essential to a safe visit.

Is Gordons Bay Safe?

Gordon’s Bay is famous for its safe bathing, with both Main and Bikini Beaches attracting thousands of happy sunworshippers. Fishing from the rocks and the old harbour wall is a popular pastime with locals and visitors alike, sharing yarns about “the big one that got away”.

Where should I live near Cape Town?

Choosing where to live when moving to Cape Town, South Africa

  • City Bowl. The City Bowl sits at the foot of Table Mountain and is tiny compared with most cities.
  • Atlantic Seaboard.
  • The Suburbs.
  • Southern Suburbs.
  • Mowbray, Rosebank and Observatory.
  • Newlands, Rondebosch and Claremont.
  • Bishopscourt and Constantia.
  • False Bay.

What is the best place to live in Cape Town?

The best areas to stay in Cape Town

  • Newlands.
  • Constantia.
  • Khayelitsha.
  • Gugulethu.
  • Somerset West.
  • Gordon’s Bay and Strand.
  • Durbanville. Durbanville is underrated as a place to stay.
  • Bloubergstrand. Bloubergstrand is where you’ll find the picture postcard view of Table Mountain across the water.

Is Cape Town CBD safe?

Like Paris, London or New York, Cape Town’s vibrant central city district is purposely fit for tourists and is regarded by the South African Police Services as the safest CBD in South Africa. It’s widely accepted as a safe area to stay in Cape Town and attracts a large share of South Africa’s tourist business.

Is Athlone a dodgy?

What are the most common crimes in Athlone?

She added that other prevalent crimes in Athlone included business robberies, robbery of persons, home invasions in Hazendal and Athlone Crawford. Drug trade, theft out of motor vehicles and theft of motor vehicles.

What is Athlone in Cape Town?

Athlone in Cape Town is a cultural hub made up of a number of vibrant arts, culture and memorial areas that form a centre for the culturally diverse community of the Cape Flats.

How dangerous is Cape Town South Africa?

The Cape Town crime rate is high. The major crime in Cape Town is drug-related gang violence. The common types of crimes include burglary at Residential premises, muggings of personal belongings like jewelry and cellphones. Criminals impersonating law enforcement officials in order to commit hijackings.

Which cities in South Africa have the highest crime rates?

Cape Town is the most popular city in South Africa, although crime stats show that the city has the highest recorded rates of murder, robbery and non-violent property-related crimes in the country. The urban and metropolitan regions continue to be disproportionately affected by crime and violence.

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