IS 21 Chump Street based on a real story?

IS 21 Chump Street based on a real story?

Overview. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s 21 Chump Street is a 14-minute musical based on a true story as reported in the series This American Life. 21 Chump Street is a cautionary tale of Justin, a high school honors student who falls for a cute transfer girl.

What story is 21 Chump Street based on?

The show was based on the second act of episode #457 of This American Life, titled “What I Did For Love” and reported by Robbie Brown, in which a high school student, Justin Laboy, falls in love with an undercover police officer, and is ultimately arrested for selling drugs to the officer in an attempt to impress her.

What is the moral of 21 Chump Street?

21 Chump Street discusses the ramifications of peer pressure, conformity and drug use in our schools with a message that will stay with teenagers long after they leave the theater. Perfect for donor evenings, galas, special events and student/community outreach programs.

How can I watch 21 Chump Street?

Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda mini-musical 21 Chump Street right now on YouTube | WhatsOnStage.

How long was Justin Laboy in jail?

As a result of him bringing drugs to school for his new girl — something he says he never would have done without her urging — Laboy spent a week and jail and has a felony conviction on his record. He’s on probation for three years. His dream of joining the Air Force and making something of himself — gone, he says.

Who was Naomi Rodriguez?

Naomi Rodriguez was convicted and sentenced after a trial by jury for conspiring to distribute in excess of 500 grams of cocaine in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 846 (1988), for interstate travel to facilitate the cocaine conspiracy in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1952 (1988 & Supp.

What did Justin Laboy do?

The social media sensation rose to fame during quarantine, providing fans with entertainment and funny, easy-to-watch content. He was first known in the social media realm for his Instagram creation “Demon Time” which was name dropped by Beyoncé and his “#Respectfully” Twitter trend.

Who wrote 21 Chump Street?

Lin-Manuel Miranda21 Chump Street / Playwright

Who owns Hamilton?

Walt Disney Pictures
Hamilton (2020 film)

Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Production companies Walt Disney Pictures 5000 Broadway Productions Nevis Productions Old 320 Sycamore Pictures RadicalMedia
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release date July 3, 2020

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