How to get yao guai gauntlet?

How to get yao guai gauntlet?

It can be bought from the Gun Runners, the Great Khan armorer, and Alexander, the Gun Runner underneath the overpass at 188 Trading Post after completion of Honest Hearts.

Is there any loot in the Yao Guai Cave?

The area cannot be accessed again if the mining explosives are detonated during River Monsters, although there is nothing valuable present in the cave.

What animal was a Yao Guai?

mutated bear
Yao guai are a species of mutated bear. These creatures can be found in Zion Canyon in 2281, and include a unique yao guai named Ghost of She.

What is Yao Guai hide used for?

The hide of fearsome Yao guai, a mutant descendant of the American black bear, used in the crafting of legendary outfits.

How do you get to stone bones cave?

Located within the area of the Sorrows camp, the cave is located on a ridge above the general area. Upon entering the cave there are some pillars and a path to the left. There is a tripwire connected to a grenade bouquet across the entrance to the path. The grenades will fall behind the player character.

What is the strongest yao guai?

Dusky yao guai The deadliest yao guai variant in the Commonwealth, it has a darker coloration compared to typical yao guai.

Why is it called a yao guai?

Yao guai are the mutated descendants of the American black bear. These vicious creatures are found in the Capital Wasteland, the Commonwealth, Mount Desert Island, and Zion Canyon. They were named by the descendants of Chinese internment prisoners after the Great War.

Where is the skull in Fallout 4?


  1. 15 can be found at Fens Street sewer, scattered throughout the location.
  2. Three inside the shack near the bridge pier at the rotten landfill.
  3. Two can be found northwest of Diamond City.
  4. Two can be found on patio furniture on the roof of the campus law offices.

How do you pronounce yao guai?

Yao Guai is pronounced “yow-gwigh”, not “yow-gwee”.

How do you plant the explosives in yao guai cave?

Either kill the Yao Guai near Pine Creek tunnels or plant explosives in the Yao Guai cave. To plant explosives, look for explosive markers that look like C4 just laying on the ground.

Should you fight the white legs or leave Zion?

Although killing the white legs seems to be the most logical choice and the best thing for everyone, because it causes the Sorrows and Dead Horses to push back the 80’s from some key travel points, helping a ton with trade and keeping back the 80’s from raiding on some major highways.

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