How old is Eiko?

How old is Eiko?

six years old
Eiko is only six years old. She is one of the two last surviving Summoners of Madain Sari (the other being Garnet). Eiko’s family was not in Madain Sari when it was destroyed by Garland.

Is Vivi female?

Vivi is one of several “energetic young boy” characters who permeate the many player parties in the Final Fantasy series.

Is Quina a boy or girl?

Though some localizations treat Quina as a female, the game mechanics treat them as a male: Quina is affected by the Lamia’s “Entice” ability, Zidane will not take damage in place of them with his “Protect Girls” ability, and the Rubber Suit that can only be equipped by female characters, cannot be equipped by Quina.

Who was garnets real mother?

Jane is the biological mother of Princess Garnet in Final Fantasy IX. Originally from Madain Sari, Jane died while trying to escape the unnatural storm that had struck the summoners’ village.

How old is Garnet FFIX?

The sixteen-year-old Garnet is 5’4” and is the game’s only main character whose exact birthday has been officially confirmed: January 15, 1784.

How old is ff9?

22yFinal Fantasy IX / Age

How old is Vivi from ff9?

Though official sources usually list Vivi’s age as nine, the timeline in Final Fantasy IX places him as being born in 1799, less than a year before the game’s start.

Is Vivi a puppet?

These are possible allusions to his search for the meaning of his existence, his abilities with black magic and maybe even his struggle to prove he is not a puppet to do others’ bidding. In the North American version of the Final Fantasy IX instruction manual, Vivi’s last name was rendered as Ornitier.

Is Vivi a he or a she?

Vivi just comes off as a gentle, yet big-hearted child. But Vivi is definitely male, and is referred to as such. Some might disagree with this, as he’s a living doll, possibly without all the same parts as a human. But in the story of FFIX, there is a scene where Zidane and Vivi bond as men while they urinate outside.

What does the name Quina mean?

Quina is English Girl name and meaning of this name is “Divine, Living with Grace”.

What is the meaning of Quina?

quina in British English (ˈkiːnə) or quinaquina (ˌkiːnəˈkiːnə) 1. the cinchona tree. 2. cinchona bark.

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