How much power can you get out of a OM617?

How much power can you get out of a OM617?

Mercedes-Benz OM617 engine
Power output 80–230 PS (59–169 kW; 79–227 hp)
Torque output 168–250 N⋅m (124–184 lb⋅ft)
Successor OM602

How much boost can a OM617 handle?

Turbocharger efficiency: The TB03 turbocharger (48.6/59mm turbine wheel, 0.48 A/R housing) has a reported max boost of 10.3psi which should be reached from about 2500rpm onwards. The turbine maps out as a good fit for ~60% efficiency.

Can you turbo a OM617?

Thanks for any pointers or advice. It can be done and is as easy as just swapping out manifolds and a few oil lines ect but there are differences between the two engines,most noteworthy is the lack of piston oil squirters.

How much does an OM617 weigh?

Registered. sbaert said: IIRC, the stock 617 (naturally aspirated version) weighs about 600Lbs dry without the transmission. Add the trans, and you’re looking at about 750Lbs if not more.

What did the OM606 come in?

The Mercedes-Benz OM606 is a 3.0 litres (2,996 cc) inline-six cylinder (R6/I6) double overhead camshaft (DOHC) diesel engine with indirect injection manufactured by Mercedes-Benz between 1993 and 2001….

Mercedes-Benz OM606 engine
Manufacturer Mercedes-Benz
Production 1993–2001
Configuration Straight-6

What turbo is on om617?

The Holset HX30 has been the turbo of choice on the om617 for quite some time. It has a T3 turbo flange and can bolt directly on the exhaust manifold.

How much does a Jeep 258 weigh?

How Much Does A Jeep Straight 6 Engine Weight?

Straight-6 engine
Power output 129–200 hp (96–149 kW; 131–203 PS)
Torque output 216–280 lb⋅ft (293–380 N⋅m)
Dry weight 483 lb (219 kg) (4.0 L engine)

How much power can a OM606 handle?

Five hundred horsepower
Five hundred horsepower is a threshold for the om606.

How much power can a OM606 make?

Mercedes-Benz OM606 engine
Cooling system Water cooled
Power output 100–130 kW (136–177 PS; 134–174 hp)
Torque output 210–330 N⋅m (155–243 lb⋅ft)

Is the 3.0 Mercedes reliable?

In general, the OM642 engine has proven to be quite reliable. But near a mileage of 100-150k miles, auxiliary engine systems start to fail.

What cars did the OM606 come in?

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