How much is Boran Bull in Kenya?

How much is Boran Bull in Kenya?

We have mature bulls available – commercial bulls are Ksh 150k and stud bulls are Ksh 250k. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Where are Boran cattle found in Kenya?

The Boran cattle is a medium-sized breed. They come from East Africa and is mostly seen in the Kenya´s semi-arid counties. The importance of the adaptability of the animal to the local environment is crucial to commercial ranchers who prefer these or the Bos Taurus.

How much is a cow sold in Kenya?


1 350 and above (Males) 180.00
350 and above (Females) 170.00
2 250 – 349 (Males) 170.00

How much does a milking cow cost in Kenya?

The cost of a dairy cow in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 28,000 to Ksh. 250,000. This price may vary based on the breed of the cow, age, amount of milk it produces, among others.

Is Boran meat good?

Carcass Quality Trials in Nebraska, U.S.A, shows that the Boran and its crosses score consistently better than other Zebu Breeds for meat tenderness, carcass marbling and rib eye area. “Animals with Boran genes have a relatively low maintenance requirement.

How many kgs does a bull weigh?

Boran bulls are massive muscled animals that can weigh between 600—800 kg. The cows are considerably smaller and usually weigh around 400 kg. We aim to get one calf per cow every year but this is not always possible and it is more realistic to get one calf every fifteen months.

Is beef farming profitable in Kenya?

Beef farming is a profitable venture because of the huge demand for beef which is currently not being met through local production. Farmers can raise or buy calves or weaners, then feed and fatten them for slaughter.

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