How much does indoor skydiving cost in New York?

How much does indoor skydiving cost in New York?

Price packages start at about $80 for first-time flyers, and group packages are available for up to 8 experienced flyers to fly at once in 15 or 30 minute blocks. Located at Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers, iFly Westchester is the only indoor skydiving spot in the New York area. It has always been a dream of mine to fly.

How much does skydiving cost NYC?

between $200 to $290
The average cost of skydiving in New York is anywhere between $200 to $290. You can opt for a one-time fun jump or a tandem jump, in which an instructor jumps with you.

Is iFLY worth the money?

We absolutely loved it. The preparation, mini training lesson and actual experience was great for all for each of us. The instructors were knowledgeable and we felt completely safe. It’s not cheap for sure, but definitely worth a memorable special occasion splurge.

How long do you actually fly at iFLY?

The iFLY experience lasts approximately an hour and 45 minutes in total. This will cover your check-in time, the training session, your flight time, and time after your flight to remove gear and look at photos and video if interested. Save time by completing your waiver ahead of time.

Do they weigh you at IFLY?

They don’t weigh people in.

How much is a parachute?

Cost of New and Used Skydiving Equipment

Parachute Container $2500-$5500 $1200-$3000
Reserve Parachute $1450-$1800 $800-$1250
Main Parachute $2200-$2500 $900-$1900
AAD $1000-$1200 $650-$850

What do you wear to indoor skydiving?

Wear comfortable clothes, they’re going to be covered by a flight suit. Wear shoes that tie tightly on your feet. If they are loose, the staff does have sneakers you can borrow.

Is indoor skydiving hard?

It’s hard. Those fancy flips and zoomy maneuvers take time and dedication to master because the smoothness and beauty of the movement–like dance; gymnastics; terrain-park snow sports; the list goes on–is predicated on very subtle details of body position.

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