How much does an abandoned missile silo cost?

How much does an abandoned missile silo cost?

Social Links for Mary K. A missile silo in Abilene, Kansas, used to store and launch ballistic missiles in the 1960s, is on sale for $380,000.

How much does a Titan 2 bunker cost?

All operational Titan II silos throughout the country were demolished, including 17 sites by Davis-Monthan AFB and Tucson, except the one in Sahuarita / Green Valley area that remains a national museum. Approximately 6,000-square-feet below ground, the bunker cost $55 million to build in the 1960’s.

How much does an abandoned bunker cost?

Most bunkers of this size range from $37,000 to $65,500. Smaller bunkers may only cost around $19,000 but you could easily spend upwards of $8 million for a large underground shelter.

Are there bunkers in Arizona?

Located in Southern Arizona, the bunker structure is set within a 12-acre plot complete with tunnels, huge steel doors, living quarters and other original features.

Are there any missile silos in Arizona?

At the Titan Missile Museum, near Tucson, Arizona, visitors journey through time to stand on the front line of the Cold War. This preserved Titan II missile site, officially known as complex 571-7, is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987.

Are there any missile silos for sale in the US?

A 1961 decommissioned Atlas-F intercontinental ballistic missile silo complex is for sale. The unique Cold War-era relic is part of an 11-acre Kansas lot on the market for $380,000. The real estate agent told Insider that the 170-foot-deep structure could be converted into a home or an Airbnb.

Are missile silos for sale?

Where is the Titan Ranch?

Vilonia, Arkansas
Vilonia, Arkansas, United States The original missile base is 9 acres in the middle of about 200 acres of ranch land.

Does Arizona have a bomb shelter?

“It’s literally built into the side of Papago Butte,” said Ron Coleman with the Maricopa County Department of Emergency Management. He gave FOX 10 a tour of the 1950s fallout shelter and the remnants left behind.

Are there any abandoned planes in Arizona?

Abandoned Aircraft With Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson, it’s obvious that Arizona has a longstanding history in military aviation. However, the Grand Canyon State also is home to an abundance of abandoned airplanes that have been silently dwelling in the desert for years. Gila River Memorial Airport

Where is the dumb base in Arizona?

DUMB base. Grand Wash Cliffs, on the western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash. Must be reached via highway 93 and then unpaved roads. DUMB. Hualapai Mountains, east side of the mountain range, about 35 mi. SE of Kingman, AZ

Are there deep underground military bases in Arizona?

I believe there to be solid evidence for undisclosed underground bases in the north and northwest regions of Arizona, otherwise known as a D.U.M.B.s or Deep Underground Military Bases.

Where are decommissioned nuclear missile silos for sale in Arizona?

Southern Arizona is a hot real estate market for decommissioned nuclear missile silos. An underground Titan missile silo site east of Picacho Peak listed in November sold within weeks for more than the asking price, and now two more are listed. Now, a seller is asking $495,000 for a former missile complex in Oracle, which is northeast of Tucson.

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