How much does a Specialized FSR weigh?

How much does a Specialized FSR weigh?

According to Specialized, a carbon Stumpjumper frame is claimed to weigh just 2,280g – that’s for an S4 frame size with the rear shock, axle, hardware and armour.

How heavy is the Specialized Stumpjumper weight?


Price GBP £2500.00
Weight 14.96kg (S4) – without pedals
Brand Specialized

What is Specialized Stumpjumper FSR?

The Specialized Stumpjumper FSR ST Comp Carbon 29 is a short-travel bike with a big name. It has a 130mm fork and 120mm at the rear.

How much does a Stumpjumper Expert weigh?


Price GBP £4750.00
Weight 12.65kg (S4) – S4, without pedals
What we tested Specialized Stumpjumper Expert
Year 2021
Brand Specialized

How much does a Stumpjumper Comp Carbon weight?

Most fun bike I’ve ever owned! This one rips, it climbs amazingly, it’s heavier than a XC bike of course at 30 lbs but just claws and sticks to rooty rocky sections like it has glue on the tires.

What does a Specialized Stumpjumper Pro weigh?

With the help of this and other weight-saving measures, the frame is 100 g lighter than its predecessor. According to Specialized, the frame weighs 2,420 g, including the shock, axle, seat clamp and other hardware.

How much does a Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Carbon weight?

How heavy is a Specialized mountain bike?

The average weight of a Specialized aluminum full-suspension MTB is 34.13 lbs / 15.48 kg while the average weight of Specialized carbon full-suspension MTB is 26.98 lbs / 12.24 kg….Specialized Mountain Bikes Weight.

MTB Model (Full-suspension) Weight Price range
Aluminum frame
Stumpjumper Alloy 35.76 lbs / 16.22 kg 2500$

How much is a Specialized Stumpjumper worth?

The new Stumpjumper comes in two alloy models at $2999 and $3699. Carbon models with the flex stay layout start at $5299 for the comp and finish at $13,999 for the top of the range S-works with the Pro and Expert models sitting nicely in between.

How much does the Specialized Stumpjumper alloy weight?

It’s a beast! One bummer is it’s heavy 35 lbs which is okay but you get what you pay for and your paying for good parts not low weight.

How much does the 2019 Stumpjumper weight?

The 14.9 kg bike offers 150 mm travel up front and 140 mm at the rear. It rolls on 2.6″ Specialized Butcher and Purgatory tires front and rear respectively.

How heavy is the Specialized Stumpjumper alloy?

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