How much does a Duesenberg car cost?

How much does a Duesenberg car cost?

With coachwork, the delivered price of many Duesenbergs approached $20,000, a staggering sum at a time when a typical new family car cost around $500….Detailing.

Vehicle: 1929 Duesenberg Model J Convertible Coupe
SCM Valuation: $700,000-$1m
Tune Up Cost: $2,500-$4,000

What is the most valuable Duesenberg?

The car in question is a Duesenberg Model JN convertible from 1935 that hammered for $1.34 million last Friday. The vintage four-wheeler is now the most expensive car ever sold on Bring a Trailer, besting a 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing that sold for $1.23 million on the site in June 2019.

How many Duesenberg cars still exist?

Although the survival rate of Model J Duesenbergs is astronomically high compared to other cars at 78.5 percent, still 111 cars didn’t survive to become cherished Classics. Here are a few of those unfortunate cars lost to time and human carelessness.

Are Duesenberg cars still made?

Duesenberg ceased production in 1937 after Cord’s financial empire collapsed. However, between 1937 and 1940 two automobiles put the final touch to this historic marque.

Does Jay Leno own any duesenbergs?

Leno’s now owned the car for about three decades, and it’s not the only Duesenberg in his collection. He also owns a 1931 Model J bare chassis and another 1931 Model J with only the one previous owner.

How fast can Duesenberg go?

It was capable of a top speed of 119 mph (192 km/h), and 94 mph (151 km/h) in 2nd gear. Other cars featured a bigger engine but none of them surpassed its power. It was also both the fastest and most expensive American automobile on the market.

What did Jay Leno pay for his Duesenberg?

Duesenbergs are a common sight on Jay Leno’s Garage, as the car-loving comedian is a big fan of the marque. But this 1934 Duesenberg Walker Coupe stands out because, according to Jay, it’s the most-expensive Duesey ever made. That means it cost $25,000 in 1934.

Is Duesenberg coming back?

Hollywood car-man Eddie Paul to revive Duesenberg Automotive And now he’s been tasked with reviving luxury carmaker Duesenberg more than 70 years after the marque took off for the great junkyard in the sky.

How much did a Duesenberg cost new?

A bare chassis was $8,500, or $120,000 today. In 1932, the price went to $9,500, and that’s all you got; Duesenberg did not build bodies. So add another $5,000-$10,000 or more for a custom body.

How many Duesenbergs are there?

Duesenberg Model J
Production 1928–1937 481 Total (445 Model J, 36 Model SJ)
Assembly Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Designer Gordon Buehrig
Body and chassis

Who owns the most expensive Duesenberg?

Jay Leno’s 1934 Duesenberg Coupe is one classy broad. When people think of American luxury cars, they tend to bring up the name Cadillac, but those who really know their history will bring up another name.

How much is an original Duesenberg worth?

$22 million
A 1935 Duesenberg SSJ sold at a Gooding & Company auction on Saturday for $22 million. That makes it the most expensive American car ever sold at auction, smashing the previous record of $13.75 million bid in 2016 for the CSX 2000, the first Shelby Cobra built by Carroll Shelby.

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