How much does a day return from Ely to London cost peak?

How much does a day return from Ely to London cost peak?

There are normally 99 trains per day travelling from Ely to London and tickets for this journey start from £9 when you book in advance….Ely to London by train.

Journey time From 1h 8m
Price From £9
Distance 63 miles (102 km)
Frequency 99 trains per day
First train 04:16

How much is train from Ely to London?

It takes an average of 1h 21m to travel from Ely to London Kings Cross by train, over a distance of around 62 miles (99 km). There are normally 92 trains per day travelling from Ely to London Kings Cross and tickets for this journey start from £22.30 when you book in advance.

How long is the train journey from Ely to London?

1 hour 21 minutes
The average journey time from Ely to London takes 1 hour 21 minutes.

Where do trains go from Ely?

Ely is a busy station with trains running to a variety of destinations including London, Cambridge, King’s Lynn, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool.

What are off peak train times UK?

When are trains off-peak in the UK? While exact times can vary depending on the provider, there is a general rule of thumb for what hours are considered to be off-peak. Off-peak tends to begin at 9:30am from Mondays to Fridays in cities and large towns and 9am across the rest of the rail network.

Is there a lift at Ely station?

The platform(s) which can be accessed by either level access / ramps / lifts / stairclimber from inside the station is / are 1, 2 and 3.

Can I travel at any time with a super off peak ticket?

Ticket type. Off-Peak fares are cheaper tickets for travelling on trains that are less busy. You may be required to travel at specific times of day, days of the week or on a specific route. Super Off-Peak Return tickets are valid for outward travel on the date shown on the ticket and until 04:29 the following day.

Does Ely have a short platform?

Ely station has a single entrance that leads into the concourse and to platform 1. A subway with ramp access connects to platform 2 and platform 3.

Are Sundays off peak on trains?

Weekends and Bank Holidays are Off-Peak all day. Please use the Journey Planner to choose your desired time of travel and click ‘check ticket availability and prices’ to display the complete range of fares available for your journey.

Can I break my journey with a super Off-Peak Return?

Break of journey is permitted on the return portion of a Super Off-Peak Return unless otherwise indicated by a restriction shown against the ticket’s Restriction Code.

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