How many towers in DLF Camellias?

How many towers in DLF Camellias?

DLF Camellias in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is one of the finest luxury condominium project built by the prestigious firm of DLF. 543 units are set across 6 extraordinary towers.

How many floors in Camellias Gurgaon?

Project Details

Towers 9
Floors 38
Units 429
Total Project Area 17.5 acres (70.82K sq.m.)
Open Area 75 %

How many acres is DLF?

Mall of India

Aerial view of the DLF Mall of India
Location Sector-18, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Total retail floor area 2 million sq.ft. (45.91 acres)
No. of floors 7
Parking Valet parking

Which type of industry DLF belongs to?

Real estate
DLF (company)

Type Public
Industry Real estate
Founded 4 July 1946
Founder Ch. Raghvendra Singh
Headquarters DLF Gateway Tower, Phase – 3, Gurugram, Haryana, India

Is DLF a good investment?

Buying a great company with a robust outlook at a cheap price is always a good investment, so let’s also take a look at the company’s future expectations. DLF’s earnings over the next few years are expected to increase by 53%, indicating a highly optimistic future ahead.

Is DLF a good company?

It is a good company ,where is good engineers are placed to productive of works.

Is DLF a govt company?

DLF builds residential, office, and retail properties. With the passage of Delhi Development Act in 1957, the local government assumed control of real estate development in Delhi and banned private real estate developers….DLF (company)

Type Public

What is the target of DLF?

HDFC Securities has buy call on DLF with a target price of Rs 486. The current market price of DLF Ltd. is Rs 337.25.

What is the target of DLF share?

ICICI Securities has buy call on DLF with a target price of Rs 434. The current market price of DLF Ltd. is Rs 344.65.

Is DLF an Indian company?

Delhi Land & Finance (DLF Limited) is a commercial real estate developer. It was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in 1946 and it is based in New Delhi, India.

How is DLF as a company to work in?

Excellent company to work with DLF Being number one real estate company in India,do care about their employees and I really enjoyed working in DLF. The best part is Top management really hear from the lower level and make to feel ,we are part of the company.

Is DLF good stock?

I find that DLF’s ratio of 72.83x is above its peer average of 33.99x, which suggests the stock is trading at a higher price compared to the Real Estate industry. Furthermore, DLF’s share price also seems relatively stable compared to the rest of the market, as indicated by its low beta.

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