How many miles is the Stanford dish loop?

How many miles is the Stanford dish loop?

The main loop trail is 3.5 miles and takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to walk. There are three gated entrances. Most visitors use the Stanford Ave.

How many miles is the dish hike?

Explore this 3.70 mile, loop trail near Stanford, California.

How long is Stanford Campus Drive loop?

Another option is the 3.8 mile Campus Drive loop.

Where can I run on Stanford campus?

LAKE LAG. 0.89 mi || 22 ft elevation gain —

  • GELATO RUN. 3.06 mi || 69 ft elevation gain —
  • DISH LOOP. 3.44 mi || 359 ft elevation gain —
  • CAMPUS DRIVE. 3.87 mi || 133 ft elevation gain —
  • KITE HILL. 3.9 mi || 124 ft elevation gain —
  • OAK CREEK LOOP. 4.23 mi || 79 ft elevation gain —
  • Can you walk dogs on Stanford campus?

    Visitors should note that the University restricts pets and support animals from public spaces on campus, with the exception of service animals. Visitors accompanied by their service animal shall be accommodated in all public spaces such as concert halls, athletic venues, cafeterias, museums, etc.

    Can you walk around Stanford?

    Enjoy the campus and its surrounding area with a number of themed walks or trails below. Click here for a main campus map that provides estimated travel times when walking. For any walks through buildings, please note that there are restrictions for interior building access due to the pandemic.

    Can you drive Stanford campus?

    Members of the public are still allowed to walk, bike and drive along Campus Drive, and to access the Dish loop and the Campus Perimeter Trail for outdoor exercise.

    Does Stanford have a running club?

    The Stanford Running Club is a means for all of Stanford to come together and share a love of running. It is low pressure and flexible, with members showing up when they have the time and often planning runs of their own.

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