How long is the old military road?

How long is the old military road?

Read the full story here. You could make a very good argument that the Old Military Road near Glenshee in Scotland is the best stretch of driving road in the UK, and at over 80 miles long, it’s certainly the most sustained. We made the trip in early 2013 with an Aston Martin V12 Zagato.

Can you drive General Wades Military road?

Legally it is a right of way EXCEPT for motor vehicles.

Where is General Wade’s military road?

A network of military roads, sometimes called General Wade’s Military Roads, was constructed in the Scottish Highlands during the middle part of the 18th century as part of an attempt by the British Government to bring order to a part of the country which had risen up in the Jacobite rebellion of 1715.

Is the old military road open?

“The road will remain open during daylight hours from 8am to 5.15pm each day, with all road users diverted via the Old Military Road overnight as a safety precaution.

Is A939 open?

Is the A939 Road open? Set high in the Grampian Mountains, the road tops out by Lecht Pass at 646m (2,119ft) above the sea level. It’s one of the highest roads of the country. The road is typically open all year round, with the occasional closure in winters due to dangerous weather conditions.

Are there any Roman roads in Scotland?

Overview. Walk in the footsteps of Roman soldiers on the empire’s main road through the south of Scotland. Dere Street Roman Road was built by occupying Romans in AD 79—81. It was reused during the time of the Antonine Wall, some 60 years later.

How long is General Wades Military road?

250 miles
Wade’s World Between 1725 and 1737, Wade oversaw the construction of 250 miles of road and 40 bridges. These were built by labouring gangs, military engineers and estates staff.

Is the rest and be thankful open or closed?

The A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful has reopened under traffic light control this morning with all traffic being convoyed along the route.

Is the rest and be thankful closed again?

Rest and be Thankful: Scotland’s most infamous road to shut again after Storm Franklin passes. SCOTLAND’s most notorious road is to shut again today following new worries about landslides due to heavy rain.

What is the highest road in Scotland?

Cairnwell Pass (Highland) The Cairnwell Pass is a mountain pass on the A93 road between Glenshee and Braemar. The Cairnwell Pass is the highest main road in the United Kingdom, reaching an altitude of 670m (2199 ft).

Where are the snow gates in Scotland?


Location Number Authority
Spittal of Glenshee A93 Perth and Kinross
Braemar A93 Aberdeenshire
Old Military Road Braemar A93 Aberdeenshire
Garelochhead Bypass A817 Argyll and Bute

Can you walk Dere Street?

Running south over the Cheviots, Dere Street is mostly a broad grassy track, so it is a splendid route for walkers.

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