How hard is Mt Feathertop?

How hard is Mt Feathertop?

Head out on this 13.90 mile, out and back trail near Harrietville, Victoria. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 7 h 32 min to complete. This is a very popular area for backpacking, camping, and hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

How old is Mount Feathertop?

It rises to 1,922 metres (6,306 ft) and is usually covered in snow from June to September. Unlike most mountains in the Australian Alps, Mount Feathertop has steep summit slopes instead of a rounded summit dome….

Mount Feathertop
First ascent 1853: von Mueller (European)
Easiest route Hike / ski: North Razorback track

How long is the feathertop walk?

This is a long walk but well worthwhile – 19km + 3km for walk to summit. This distance applies to both options of the walk, however the return via Bungalow Spur will be about 2 hours shorter than the return along the Razorback.

Can you drive up Mt Feathertop?

Access is via Mt Beauty, or drive up to Falls Creek and hike in from the southern side. The final leg into Hotham via Swindlers spur. The Bogong day hike is a not-to-be-sniffed-at 16-20km return trip, gaining ~1,300m of altitude along Staircase Spur from Mountain Creek Road, east of Mt Beauty.

What is a Grade 5 hike?

Grade 5 – Recommended for very experienced hikers These trails are only for very experienced hikers with specialised skills and equipment including navigation, emergency first aid and climbing. They are likely to be less defined, rough, steep and have very few directional signs or trail markers.

Do you need to book Federation Hut?

Another great option for climbing Mt. Feathertop is to make it a two-day walk, camping at Federation Hut for the night (no permits required).

Who named Mt Feathertop?

Mt Feathertop from the Bogong High Plains in the 1920s. Photo Robert ‘Wilkle’ Wilkinson. Source National Library of Australia. Mt Feathertop was sighted and named in early 1851 by Jim Brown and Jack Wells, stockmen from Cobungra Station.

How do you climb Mount Feathertop?

For a change in scenery, follow the Bungalow Spur Walk from the quaint town of Harrietville and climb over 1300-metres to reach the pinnacle of Mount Feathertop. Sheltered from the harsh alpine conditions, for the most part, take a break at Federation Hut before making the final ascent to the top.

Can you climb Mt Bogong?

The Staircase spur is aptly named, climbing 16km to the summit of Mount Bogong. Once you reach the exposed, treeless (true alpine) plateau the views are 360 and spectacular, but beware at 1,926m you are in a place where you need to come prepared. The trail is steep and arduous, requiring a high level of fitness.

What is Mt Bogong used for?

Mount Bogong is a popular backcountry skiing mountain through winter but only has snow for the mid winter-spring months. It is around 30 kilometres (19 mi) by road and walking track or 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) direct to Mount Beauty. Falls Creek and Mount Hotham ski resorts are also nearby.

Why is hiking difficult?

Hard hikes are more difficult. When we rate a trail hard, it should be because the trail has many inclines or steep hills; a long, steady climb; many steps or stairs; and roots, slippery rocks or other difficult terrain. Footing is usually very irregular, uneven or otherwise more unpredictable.

Is a grade 4 hike hard?

A grade 4 hike is likely to have most days over 15 km, includes rough ground and very steep sections. These trails are suggested for people with experience hiking. They may be any length, but physically more demanding . A reasonable level of fitness and unrestricted movement will be required.

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