How fast is a Yamaha TMAX 500?

How fast is a Yamaha TMAX 500?

110 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 39.2 ft-lb
Top speed 110 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 157 miles

How much is a Yamaha TMAX?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $10,490 $6,480
Options (Add)
Total Price $10,490 $6,480

How fast is a TMAX?

100 mph
Yamaha TMAX

1st Generation Yamaha XP500 TMAX
Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Bore / stroke 66 mm × 73 mm (2.6 in × 2.9 in)
Compression ratio 10.0:1 for model years 2001-2003, 11.0:1 for model years 2004-2011
Top speed 100 mph (160 km/h)

Is Yamaha Tmax a good bike?

The Yamaha T Max 560 top speed is 115mph, and it has enough get up and go to win most traffic light Grand Prix. The 2020 model is subtly crisper and more urgent on the throttle, but still smooth at cruising speeds with friendly throttle manners in traffic.

Is TMax a scooter?

Yamaha TMAX leads the way in scooter design. Driven by a high powered 530cc twin cylinder engine and equipped with a lightweight aluminium chassis, this iconic maxi scooter combines sport motorcycle performance with scooter convenience.

Which is better NMax or Xmax?

The Yamaha NMAX is a slightly more sober version of the sportier XMAX. It has a chunky front section but a smooth rear profile. However, the XMAX is sportier and has a more sculpted body, starting right from the front section. The front profile looks more rugged and a lot fiercer.

What CC is TMAX?


Engine Displacement 530cc
Engine Type Twin-cylinder
Frame Die-cast Aluminum
Front Suspension Inverted Fork

How many cc is a TMAX?

561 cc
Yamaha TMax 560 Specs

Aspect Specifications
Engine type Twin-cylinder, Water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve
Displacement 561 cc
Max power 48 PS at 7,500 rpm
Max torque 56 Nm at 5250 rpm

Is the Yamaha T-max 500 the cheapest motorcycle to insure?

Motorcycle insurance costs are an important consideration for any bike buyer. That’s why MCN is highlighting some of the best cheap-to-insure motorcycles out there. This time it’s the Yamaha T-Max 500. & …

Why buy a Yamaha yp500 T-Max?

You can tell straight away that Yamaha wanted the Yamaha YP500 T-Max to set a new standard in sporty maxi-scooters when they built this one. It’s a classy looking vehicle. Many French and Italian riders choose a Yamaha YP500 T-Max instead of a second car and do 10K miles per year on `em.

What is the Yamaha TMAX Super Sport scooter?

The Yamaha TMAX is the Super Sport Scooter. Horizontally positioned 499cc parallel twin, with reciprocating balancer, offers plenty of smooth power, enough for two-up touring at highway speeds. Configuration helps keep weight low in frame for mass centralization.

What are the features of the Tmax?

Provided with a traction control system, a keyless system, a larger storage space for 2 Jet semi-headphones and high-tech TFT board instruments, the new TMAX offers the performance of the sporty motorcycle combined with the convenience of the scooter.

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