How does VarioCam plus work?

How does VarioCam plus work?

For improved responsiveness on cold starts, VarioCam Plus raises the amount of lift and retards valve timing. At medium revs with minimal loads, the valve lift is lowered and timing advanced to help minimize fuel consumption and emissions. For maximum power and torque, the lift is raised and the timing is advanced.

Does VVT increase horsepower?

On the dyno, the horsepower and torque improvements offered by a DOHC VVT system are 25 to 50 percent greater than with a cam-in-block VVT arrangement.”

What VVT means?

Variable Valve Timing-Intelligence
By Rick Popely. June 6, 2021. VVT-i stands for Variable Valve Timing-Intelligence, which is Toyota’s name for the variable valve technology it uses in most of its vehicles.

How does Volvo VVT work?

Basically, it varies the valve timing by shifting the phase angle of camshafts. For example, at high speed, the inlet camshaft will be rotated in advance by 30° so to enable earlier intake. This movement is controlled by engine management system according to need, and actuated by hydraulic valve gears.

How does Porsche VarioRam work?

By improving low-range airflow, VarioRam engines enjoy around 20 per cent more torque at 5,000rpm than non-VarioRam units. Once the engine reaches 5,000rpm, and the throttle is more than 50 per cent open, the induction runners are retracted to their normal length.

What is an IMS bearing on a Porsche Boxster?

Your IMS bearing (or InterMediate Shaft bearing) supports your intermediate shaft, which extends through the engine. The actual intermediate shaft is not usually the problem in Porsches. The IMS bearing is behind the notorious engine problems that plague this classic car brand.

Is VVTi better than VTEC?

VVTi cars do not have the dramatic jolt that VTEC cars do but they are more efficient and powerful than their non VVTi counterparts.

How long does a VVT last?

Just like other sensors and switches on your car, the VVT switch is designed to be a lifetime part. The heat of the engine is what usually causes repair issues with this part of the car.

What is VarioRam Porsche?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. VarioRam is a Porsche-patented engine induction system that was first introduced on the 1992 model year 964 Carrera RS motorsport special. It became standard on the 911-series starting from the M64/21 engine on the model year 1996.

What is a VarioCam?

VarioCam is an automobile variable valve timing technology developed by Porsche. VarioCam varies the timing of the intake valves by adjusting the tension on the timing chain connecting the intake and exhaust camshafts. VarioCam was first used on the 1992 3.0 L engine in the Porsche 968 .

What is a VarioCam Plus Porsche?

VarioCam was first used on the 1992 3.0 L engine in the Porsche 968. Porsche’s more recent VarioCam Plus combines variable valve timing with two-stage lift on the intake side. The two-stage valve-lift function is performed by electro-hydraulically operated switchable tappets.

What is a VarioCam actuator?

To increase the torque and to improve cylinder charging, the engine has two VarioCam actuators which are installed in the chain tensioners of the camshafts. The two actuators are operated by electromagnetic valves activated by the DME control unit. Functioning

What is a 1536 Varicam?

Here is the description from the Porsche Technical Book for the 3.4 liter engine that used VariCam “1536 • VarioCam VarioCam, the adjustment of the intake camshafts at engine speeds of approx. 1,300 rpm* and 5,920 rpm, produces a major part of the engine output, the engine torque as well as the good exhaust values at idling speed.

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