How do you use Freddo Delicato?

How do you use Freddo Delicato?

How to make !

  1. Step. Place 3 ice cubes in a recipe glass.
  2. Pour over 1 capsule of BARISTA CREATIONS FREDDO DELICATO (40ml).
  3. To extend the treat, top it up with cold water or cold milk (90 ml).

How do you make a Freddo coffee?

How to Make Freddo Espresso:

  1. Place 100ml of fresh milk into the blender and shake until you see dense foam.
  2. Prepare 1 or 2 shots of espresso.
  3. Add sugar into the hot espresso mix if you wish and stir well.
  4. Add 5 ice cubs in a tall cappuccino.
  5. Get the cream you have already prepared and add it in the cold espresso drink.

What is Freddo Espresso Greek?

The latest craze in Greece’s coffee scene is the Freddo, which is available as an espresso or cappuccino version. A Freddo Espresso is basically 1 shot of espresso poured hot into a metal canister. It’s then mixed with an electric blender, using a couple of ice cubes, and sugar is also added during the mixing process.

How do you make a freddo iced coffee?


  1. Brew your coffee using either espresso, pod coffee or moka pot.
  2. Dissolve the sugar into the coffee using the handheld frother or shaker to introduce some air, then add an ice cube to speed up the cooling down.
  3. Pour into a glass half full of ice.

Does Freddo Delicato have caffeine?

Capriccio: 70mg. Tribute to Trieste: 71mg. Colombia: 72mg. Freddo Delicato: 72mg.

How strong is Nespresso Corto?

Intensity: a dark roasted blend of intensity 11.

What does freddo mean in coffee?

Freddo Espresso is the cold version of espresso coffee, made with a double shot of espresso coffee mixed in a mixer with ice cubes. Particularly popular among those who prefer a cold, strong coffee, the Freddo Cappuccino has become the most widely consumed coffee in Greece over the past ten or so years.

How do I order a freddo cappuccino?

To order a cold espresso or cappuccino, just say freddo first and then follow it with espresso or cappuccino. While the frappe is certainly the most commonly known of the cold coffees, and certainly a Greek favourite, plenty of coffee-guzzlers prefer a freddo cappuccino or espresso.

What is a Freddo coffee in Greece?

What is the difference between Freddo espresso and Freddo cappuccino?

While individual variations no doubt exist, a popular recipe for creating a Freddo espresso involves blending a hot double shot of espresso with ice and sugar in a drink mixer, creating a signature foam. The Freddo cappuccino follows the same process but is topped off with a layer of cold, textured, foamy milk.

How do you make Freddoccino?


  1. 3 tbsp Cacao powder / chocolate powder.
  2. 1/2 tbsp Brown sugar (if using bitter cacao powder)
  3. 1 cup Fresh espresso (or instant espresso)
  4. Frozen milk cubes (or milk & ice at a push)
  5. 1 Professional ice blender.

How do you make freddo cappuccino coffee?


  1. Two ounces hot espresso (or two shots worth of espresso or coffee powder)
  2. Hot water (if needed to dissolve the espresso powder)
  3. Sugar (optional)
  4. Ice.
  5. Heavy cream.
  6. Milk.

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What is a Freddo Espresso?

Espresso was first introduced to the Greek coffee scene in the 1990s, and soon thereafter, specialty coffee shops started popping up. As a result, consumer tastes started to shift towards quality coffee beans and specialty coffee in general. These days, Freddos typically come in two variations: the Freddo espresso and Freddo cappuccino.

What is Freddo Delicato?

Refresh yourself with the exhilarating bright fruit notes of Barista Creations FREDDO DELICATO. Poured over ice, the Kenya coffee’s juicy fruity flavors keep you cool and refreshed in all seasons. Roasted lightly and ground specifically to deliver delicate notes to your palate. Aromatic profile: Light, fruity, balanced. Why aluminum?

What equipment do you need to make Freddo coffee?

A drink mixer is the proper equipment for the Freddo preparation as it’s faster, easier to clean, and unlike a blender, helps cool down the coffee rapidly without crushing the ice.” The quality of the espresso also plays an important role.

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