How do you use CND Vinylux?

How do you use CND Vinylux?

Apply one thin layer of CND™ VINYLUX™ Color Coat to extension edge and nail surface. 3. Apply a second thin layer of Color Coat to the nail surface. The second layer will provide additional coverage and color, refining and perfecting the tiny free margins with each layer.

How long does CND Vinylux take to dry?

eight-and-a-half minutes
Where regular polishes take about 15-20 minutes to fully dry, CND says that Vinylux will only require a grand total of eight-and-a-half minutes to set. Removal requires nothing more than swiping regular polish remover on the nails — no soaking or acetone wraps here.

Do you use a base coat with CND Vinylux?

VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish features adhesion promoters making the polish self- adhering to the natural nail. Therefore there’s no need for base coat.

Does CND Vinylux need to be cured?

From the makers of CND Shellac comes a new polish system that features week-long wear, a self-adhering color coat (no base coat needed), faster service time, and durability without a UV-lamp cure.

Is CND Vinylux breathable?

The VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish System provides seven-day wear, chip-resistant color and gel-like shine. Features breathable formula infused with unique caring complex of Keratin, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E for beautifully cared-for nails every time.

How long does Vinylux nail polish last?

Conclusion: The VINYLUX Long Wear Polish System lasts an average of 5 full days without chipping. For a manicure at home with average exposure to environmental factors, I recommend the VINYLUX Long Wear Polish by CND.

Can I use any top coat with CND Vinylux?

Answer: The top coat works as well with other brands of polish. I used it with Sally Hansen salon all in one. CND polish did not wear well.

What is the difference between CND Vinylux and shellac?

Vinylux is designed to work like a regular polish; no lamp needed, and colors can be mixed together to create new colors. Shellac provides 14+ day wear, high gloss shine, zero dry time, and removal in 5 minutes with a moisturizing acetone remover. Shellac 14+ day nail color has a three step process.

Is Vinylux good for your nails?

Yes, it is more damaging to your nails than regular nail polish.

What is the difference between Vinylux and Shellac?

Is CND Vinylux good for your nails?

Vinylux is a nail polish system that uses natural light to keep the polish on longer. The polish self adheres without a base coat and a special top coat is applied that increases the durability as your nails are exposed to natural light, helping to keep your nails chip free for up to week.

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