How do you unlock the keypad on a BlackBerry Curve?

How do you unlock the keypad on a BlackBerry Curve?

Press the “*” key and the “Send” key together to unlock the keyboard.

How do I unlock my BlackBerry PIN?


  1. On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options.
  2. Click Advanced Options.
  3. Click SIM card.
  4. Press the Menu key and click Disable Security.
  5. Type the Security PIN number. Workaround.

How do you unlock the keyboard?

Click on the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel.” Click on “Accessibility Options.” Click on the “Keyboard” tab, and remove any checkmarks displayed next to the keyboard options displayed on-screen. Click on “OK.” Your keypad or keyboard will now be unlocked and ready for use.

How do you factory reset a locked BlackBerry curve?

Perform a Reset with the RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360

  1. Press and hold the ALT key, Right Shift key, and the Delete key. NOTE: It may take up to a minute for the device to reset.
  2. The device will power cycle indicating that the reset has started, the keys can now be released.

How do I unlock my BlackBerry Curve 8520 lock screen?

Activate or deactivate key lock – BlackBerry 8520 Curve Press and hold the Key lock key until the keypad locked icon is displayed. You can answer an incoming call without unlocking the keys. To deactivate the key lock: Press Connect and the Key lock key in quick succession.

How do I unfreeze my keyboard?

1. Press “Windows+C” on your keyboard. If the Windows 8 Charms menu appears, your keyboard is working properly, and it’s likely the application you’re using that’s causing the keyboard to freeze. Restart the application and try using the keyboard again.

How do you take the keyboard lock off?

To unlock the keyboard, you have to hold down the right SHIFT key for 8 seconds again to turn off Filter Keys, or disable Filter Keys from the Control Panel. If your keyboard doesn’t type the correct characters, it’s possible that you’ve turned on NumLock or you’re using a incorrect keyboard layout.

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