How do you show missing values in proc?

How do you show missing values in proc?

proc means data = test n nmiss; var _numeric_; run; For character variables, we can use proc freq to display the number of missing values in each variable.

How do I fix missing values in SAS?

First, we specify the input and (optional) output data set. Then, we use the reponly keyword to only replace missing values. With the method keyword, we let SAS know to replace missing values with the group mean. Finally, with the by statement, we specify how to group the data set.

How do you find missing values for all variables in SAS?

You can use the PROC FREQ procedure to count the number of missing values per column. You use the statement “table _all_ / missing” to do this for all variables. If you want the count the number of a specific (type) of variable, you can change the _all_ keyword for _character_, _numeric_, or a column name.

How does proc means treat missing values?

If a class variable has a missing value for an observation, PROC MEANS excludes that observation from the analysis unless you use the MISSING option in the PROC statement or the CLASS statement. If a BY or an ID variable value is missing, PROC MEANS treats it like any other BY or ID variable value.

Is missing function in SAS?

The MISSING function checks a numeric or character expression for a missing value, and returns a numeric result. If the argument does not contain a missing value, SAS returns a value of 0. If the argument contains a missing value, SAS returns a value of 1.

What is frequency missing in SAS?

PROC FREQ treats missing BY variable values like any other BY variable value. The missing values form a separate BY group. If an observation has a missing value for a variable in a TABLES request, by default PROC FREQ does not include that observation in the frequency or crosstabulation table.

How do you add missing data in SAS?

In SAS code, a blank is typically specified by enclosing a space between two quotation marks, such as “ “ or ‘ ‘. With numeric variables, a missing value is denoted with a period. In SAS code, the period [.] is specified by simply using the period with no quotation marks or parentheses around it.

How do you replace a value in SAS?

How to Replace a Character in SAS

  1. Start the TRANWRD function.
  2. Specify the input variable that contains the character you want to replace.
  3. Specify the character that you want to replace.
  4. Specify the character that replaces the unwanted character.
  5. Close the TRANWRD function.

What does Proc do in SAS?

A group of SAS procedure statements is called a PROC step. SAS procedures analyze data in SAS data sets to produce statistics, tables, reports, charts, and plots, to create SQL queries, and to perform other analyses and operations on your data. SAS procedures also give you ways to manage and print SAS files.

How does SAS store missing values?

Numeric missing values are represented by a single period (.). Character missing values are represented by a single blank enclosed in quotes (‘ ‘). Special numeric missing values are represented by a single period followed by a single letter or an underscore (for example .

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