How do you reset a Sea Doo computer?

How do you reset a Sea Doo computer?

@Alex L Sounds like you need to reset your computer. Turn the ignition on. Hold JUST the set button in for 30 seconds. Release the button then tun ignition off.

Can you start a SeaDoo without a key?

SeaDoo sparks use a non DESS Key. This has the same appearance as a DESS Key but does not have the RF chip inside, only the magnet to activate the kill switch. Any key or even a magnet on the post can active a SeaDoo Spark. You can add DESS to your SeaDoo spark if you wish but it requires a different harness and keys.

What causes a jet ski to go into limp mode?

Repair manual says 3 things can cause it, low oil, exhaust overheat and engine overheat.

How do I find my Sea-Doo fault code?

The procedure for retrieving codes is as follows:

  1. With safety lanyard on its post, press 5 times the SET button to start the display of P-codes (onboard diagnostic).
  2. Press MODE to scroll codes if more than one is present. When list is over, END will appear.
  3. When END appears, press MODE to exit.

How much does it cost to program a Sea-Doo key?

A new Sea-Doo key will cost about $70 for the key plus $0 to $100 to program the key. Every jet ski dealership is different, some don’t charge to program the key if you buy the key from them. Some dealers charge a “few bucks” and some charge a lot more than a “few bucks” to program the key.

What horsepower are Seadoos?

RXP-X 300

Engine 300
Type 1630 ACE™- 300
Engine Horse Power 300 hp
Engine intake system Supercharged with external intercooler
Cylinders & Displacement 1630 cc

How fast is a Seadoo GTX?

You can expect the Sea-Doo GTX’s top speed to be around 55-67mph depending on the model. As Sea-Doo GTX models have supercharged as well as non-supercharged engines, we should check these models one-by-one.

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