How do you paint fireworks with toilet paper rolls?

How do you paint fireworks with toilet paper rolls?


  1. Cut slits around one side of the toilet paper roll with scissors.
  2. Use your fingers to press or fold down the sides of the roll to the end of the slit.
  3. Pour the paints on paper plates.
  4. Tilt the plate so that the paint can spread out on the plate.
  5. Dip the toilet paper roll in the blue paint gently.

How do you make fireworks out of toilet paper rolls?

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Fireworks

  1. Start by cutting slits all around one end of the paper roll.
  2. Place paint in a dish or paper plate and have kids stamp the paper rolls into the paint.
  3. Now kids can stamp the paper roll onto paper to make their fireworks!
  4. Keep stamping until you are happy with your fireworks!

How do you make a paper firework?

1) Cut strips of the red, white, & blue paper into 2 different sizes. 2) Glue the strips onto the paper. 3) Make as many fireworks as you want (or that will fit) on your paper!…Pin it:

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How do you make fireworks with straws and paint?

Have the kids dip the straws into blue paint first and stamp it all over the paper. If the paint doesn’t show up great, have them press each straw individually against the paper. Add some red paint and your fireworks are done! Add some glitter if you want some sparkle to them.

How can I use firework pictures with my class?

These fun-filled firework pictures to make with your class can be used in lots of different ways. This crafting activity would work great as part of art and design lesson, getting children to think creatively and work independently to produce exciting firework pictures. You could also use this resource as part of your teaching on Bonfire Night!

How do you make a firework poster?

First use crayons to draw your fireworks. You can draw “star” lines… draw swirls… or draw curved lines. A variety of different fireworks looks great and you can even add a simple bonfire. Next paint over the whole sheet with a black or dark blue watercolour (you can mix poster paint with water if you don’t have watercolour paints).

How do you print fireworks on paper?

You can press your printing tool into the paint then press your tool onto the paper to create beautiful firework designs. Repeat this lots of times with your different colours to create a magical fireworks picture. The above video may be from a third-party source.

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