How do you get through Volskygge passages?

How do you get through Volskygge passages?

Using the console command disable on the gate, or use tcl To pass. Going up the hill to Volskygge Peak, then going back through the passages from the door located on the peak.

How do I solve the puzzle in Volskygge?

They all demand your attention if you are to proceed. The riddle can be solved by activating the handles “Snake”, “Bear”, “Fox”, “Wolf.”

How do you open the gate in Volskygge passage?

In front of the exit is a fifth plinth with a copy of The Four Totems of Volskygge on top. This book contains a riddle for the solution to raise the gate. The four handles must be operated in the correct order to raise the gate, which is Snake—Bear—Fox—Wolf.

What is the order for Volskygge?

The first fears all, The second fears none. The third eats what it can, Preferably number one. The fourth fears the second, But only when alone. All must be activated in order, If you wish to go home.

How do I get to Rimerock burrow?

Rimerock Burrow is a very small cave located in North Western Skyrim. You can find it by traveling over the mountains West of Solitude.

Where is Forelhost?

Forelhost is a tomb located in The Rift (the area around Riften). You can find it by traveling Southeast of Riften. It is the location of the Siege on the Dragon Cult quest and the Rahgot Dragon Priest Mask.

What is the puzzle in Volskygge?

Solution: Snake, Bear, Fox, Wolf. The Snake fears all, The Bear fears none. The Fox eats what it can, Preferably the Snake. The Wolf fears the Bear, But only when it’s separated from its pack.

Where is ragnvald?

Ragnvald is the ruin of an ancient Nordic city that is located in the Reach, north of Markarth, and lies in a deep mountain pass. Ragnvald can also be found directly southwest of the Dwarven ruin Bthardamz. It is the resting place of Otar the Mad, a Dragon Priest.

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