How do you get stamps in Spirit Tracks?

How do you get stamps in Spirit Tracks?

Upon arriving at the Pirate Hideout, run to the east and a Stamp Station on the higher ledge will appear. Pull out the Spirit Flute and play the Song of Birds. Latch onto the bird with the whip and it will take Link to the higher platform with the Stamp Station.

Where are all the stamp stations in Spirit Tracks?

Stamp Station Locations

  • 1 ABODA VILLAGE. Northwest corner above the cucco fancier.
  • 2 CASTLE TOWN (HYRULE CASTLE) In the northwest corner of Castle Town is a Stamp Machine.

Where is the stamp station in the ocean sanctuary?

Location and Uses

Station Requirements Location
Forest Sanctuary None Across the bridge, on the way to Gage’s chamber.
Forest Temple Whirlwind Inside a mist of poison gas in the first room.
Anouki Village None Eastern part of the Village, behind some Trees.
Snow Sanctuary None On the way to Steem’s chamber.

How do you activate warp gates in Spirit Tracks?

Link must blow the whistle until the portal becomes wide enough for the Spirit Train to warp through it, out to the sister gate on the other side. Once the gate pair is activated they can be used in either direction.

How many rabbits are in Spirit Tracks?

50 rabbits
There are 50 rabbits in total, 10 of which are in each of the five major realms, (Forest, Snow, Ocean, Fire, and Sand). They hide behind boulders when Link is riding his train. However, when Link uses his cannon on the boulder, this will trigger a scene where Link is trying to catch the rabbit with his rabbit net.

How do you get to the sand Temple in Spirit Tracks?

Rael will tell you that you must pass three trials in order to reach the Sand Temple. You’ll encounter a big eye that looms in the shadows, then you’ll need to navigate the twisted tunnels, and finally you’ll face the impenetrable temple. Exit Rael’s chamber.

Where can I find papuchia’s stamp station?

On the middle island along the west side is a treasure chest with a rare treasure in it. You can take a bird from this island to the southwest corner where Papuchia’s Stamp Station lies. The northwest island holds nothing. Take the birds back the way you came when you are done. This stamp is extremely obscure.

Where can I find the pirate hideout stamp station?

On a central plateau you can spot the Stamp Station just out of reach. Play the Song of Birds at the foot of this raised area to call a bird down to your level. Use your Whip to snag the bird’s grip bar and ride it up to the top of the plateau to use the Pirate hideout Stamp Station. Yes!

Is there a stamp station in the Tower of spirits?

Yes! After beating the Sand Temple you can run freely to the top of the Tower of Spirits. Run up the stairs, then take the blue portal to the alter. Exit through the hole in the glowing window and run up the stairs. At the top (outside) you’ll find the Tower of Spirits Stamp Station.

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