How do you cross the bridge in Chrono Trigger?

How do you cross the bridge in Chrono Trigger?

Cross Zenan Bridge Go to Zenan Bridge and talk to the guy in gold armor. Then go to Guardia castle and talk to the chef. Go upstairs and head for the door. Before this next part, make sure Robo and Lucca know Fire Punch.

How do you get Masamune in Chrono Trigger?

Go to Melchior Go downstairs and watch. While you’re in 1000 A.D., go visit Taban, he has a new item for Lucca. Now go to 600 A.D., to the Cursed Woods, and give Frog the Masamune. He’ll join.

Where is the hero in Chrono Trigger?

Head through Guardia Forest and into Guardia Castle. Talk to the people there to find out the king was injured fighting Magus’ army, then head into the kitchen (follow the right corridor to the northeast door) and talk to the chef. Let the dialogue play out, then leave the kitchen and head back to the entrance.

How do you break Ozzie’s barrier?

He is invincible, and cannot attack except through counters. You must destroy the four controls arrayed around his throne room, each opening a trap door.

Where is Marle Chrono Trigger?

Check both chests (left: Chancellor; right: Mid Ether), then talk to the queen to leave. Go up to the queen’s room and check where Marle disappeared to find her. Leave the castle and go to the area of the mountains where you appeared in this time period.

Where are Denadoro mountains?

Denadoro Mountains (デナドロ山, “Denadoro Yama”?) is a location in Chrono Trigger. It appears in the year 600 AD east of Dorino and north of Porre. Split by a river and many gorgeous waterfalls, the terrain here is partly rocky precipice and partly submerged in the forest.

Where is Magus keep?

Vampire Bats can easily be slain by way of physical attacks, but their Grimling counterparts are only reasonably susceptible to magical attacks. The Fiendlord’s Keep, Magus’s location, is northwest of the Magic Cave once you emerge back on the world map.

Is Chrono Trigger an anime?

The Chrono Trigger Anime (a.k.a. Chrono Trigger OVA a.k.a. Jikū Bōken Nūmamonjaa) was a 16-minute special released exclusively at V Jump Festival in 1996 to promote Chrono Trigger. The anime begins in a strange town in a strange time. The Chrono Trigger Anime is a definitely must-see if you’re a fan of Chrono Trigger.

Is Gil a magus?

Magus appears in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki as Gil, a shadowy and handsome member of the Radical Dreamers thieving group. He is depicted as masked and mysterious, though gentle and cultured.

What happens to Schala in Chrono Trigger?

Schala’s fate at the end of Chrono Trigger is finally revealed in the Ocean Palace, Schala was consumed in a dimensional vortex that brought her to the Darkness Beyond Time with the ruined Mammon Machine. There, where Lavos sat defeated by Crono, she was cruelly absorbed by the monster, resulting in the Dream Devourer.

Do Marle and Chrono get married?

The PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger includes an FMV scene at the end that shows Crono and Marle getting married. While a second FMV depicts the Fall of Guardia in the year 1005 A.D., it is unknown what happened to Marle during this event, although if Doan is her descendant, she probably survived.

Who married Chrono?

Age 16
Weapon Type Crossbow
Magical Element Ice
Family Royal family of Guardia Crono (Husband) King Guardia XXXIII (father) Queen Aliza (mother) Crono’s Mother (mother in-law) Doan (descendant) Ayla (ancestor) Kino (ancestor)

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