How do you become a principal in Washington state?

How do you become a principal in Washington state?

How to Become a Principal in Washington

  1. You must have a master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. You must complete a state-approved administrator preparation program.
  3. You must possess a teaching license.
  4. You must complete a school-based practicum.

How do I become a school administrator in Washington state?


  1. Completion of a master’s degree.
  2. Completion of a state approved administrator preparation program Form 4001E, OR.
  3. Three years of full-time, out of state administrator experience AND a copy of an out of state administrator certificate Form 4020F-1.

How do you become a principal?

You will therefore have to study for four year to obtain an honours degree in education. This is known as a REQV 14 qualification. After this you will have to work as a teacher for seven years and obtain experience before you can be considered for the position of school principal.

Do you have to have a principal certification to be an assistant principal in Texas?

In Texas, for example, an assistant principal must complete a two-week principal education preparation program and pass a certification exam.

Is it hard to be a principal?

It can be a rewarding job, and it can also be an extremely stressful job. Not everyone is cut out to be a principal. There are certain defining characteristics that a good principal will possess. If you are thinking of becoming a principal, it is crucial that you weigh all the pros and cons that come with the job.

Who can take the principals test?

The Principal’s Test is open to all aspirants for Principal I position as required under DepEd Order No. 97, s. 2011 entitled Revised Guidelines on the Allocation and Reclassification of School Heads Positions.

Is it better to be a principal or teacher?

Responsibility. Principals have a greater workload than teachers do. They are no longer responsible for only a few subjects with a handful of students. Instead, a principal is responsible for every student, every teacher/coach, every supporting member, and every program in their building.

Why do principals get fired?

Past research has identified five main reasons principals leave their jobs: inadequate preparation and professional development, poor working conditions, insufficient salaries, lack of decision-making authority, and ineffective accountability policies.

What do principals do all day?

Elementary, middle, and high school principals manage all school operations, including daily school activities, building maintenance, and food service. It’s their duty to provide a safe and productive learning environment and see that their school meets performance standards.

How much does an elementary principal make in Washington state?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $102,497 and as low as $55,025, the majority of Elementary School Principal salaries currently range between $79,839 (25th percentile) to $96,562 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $101,957 annually in Washington.

Are school heads required of a license?

A license is required for those who seek employment as principals in most states.

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