How do I survive a liquid diet before bariatric surgery?

How do I survive a liquid diet before bariatric surgery?

The pre-op liquid diet will consist of approved protein shakes, sugar-free beverages, sugar-free gelatin, sugar-free popsicles, and broth. We always recommend that our patients consume five protein shakes a day and consume at least 64 ounces of sugar-free liquids.

What happens if you don’t do liquid diet before gastric sleeve?

Before the day of surgery, grocery shop for all the protein shakes, low-calorie drinks, and other items you will need for your pre-op and post-op diets. Not having the drinks and foods you need on hand can lead to cheating. Set yourself up for success by preparing for your upcoming dietary changes.

How important is pre-op diet for gastric sleeve?

Remember, it’s very important to stick to your two week pre-op diet. This shrinks your liver, decreases your risk of complications and makes the surgery quicker and easier for your surgeon.

What is the pre-op diet before bariatric surgery?

The pre-op diet largely consists of protein shakes and other high-protein, low-calorie foods that are easy to digest. Protein helps bolster and protect muscle tissue. This can help your body burn fat instead of muscle for fuel.

How much weight can you lose on a pre op liquid diet?

Using this diet, you should be able to lose 5 – 10 pounds during the two weeks leading up to your operation.

Can you cheat on liquid diet?

Like anyone, it can be easy and even tempting to want to cheat on any diet, but cheating on our liquid diet before your gastric bypass can have detrimental consequences and depending on the damage done by the cheating, your surgeon can even cancel your surgery that you have waited so long to have.

Can I cheated on my pre-op diet for gastric sleeve?

Bingeing episodes are linked to lower gastric sleeve success rates. Cheating on your pre-op diet can derail your health, possibly even postpone your surgery, and delay your recovery. It is also important to remember that eventually, you will be able to eat some treat foods in small quantities.

How much weight will I lose on pre-op liquid diet?

between 10-15 pounds
On the Pre Bariatric Surgery Liquid Diet, most patients will lose somewhere between 10-15 pounds on average. Remember, the main reason why you are undergoing bariatric surgery is to lose weight. The Low Carbs, Low Fat, High Protein, Low-Calorie nature of this diet will start that process for you.

How long is pre-op diet for gastric sleeve?

Pre-Op Gastric Sleeve Diet: 2-3 Days Before Surgery Two or three days before surgery you’ll need to switch to an all-liquid diet. Restrict your food intake to water, broth, gelatins, and low-calorie sports drinks (no sodas).

How do you prepare for a VSG?

The Checklist – Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Bariatric Surgery

  1. Start to think about why you eat.
  2. Follow up, follow up, follow up.
  3. Prepare to feel a little left out at dining and social gatherings.
  4. Practice eating on a schedule.
  5. Eat like you’ve already had surgery.
  6. Treat your water bottle like it’s you third arm.

How much weight can you lose on a 14 day liquid diet?

The liquid diet is one of the many diets that promise to help you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Although extremely restrictive, it works for some. Also, you might have seen people display 14-day liquid diet weight loss results that make you want to try it.

When should I start the preoperative liquid diet?

You will start the preoperative liquid diet two weeks prior to your surgery. The purpose of the pre-op diet is to shrink the size of the liver in order to promote a faster and safer surgery. This liquid diet is NOT THE SAME as the full liquid diet that will be used after surgery.

What is the preoperative liquid diet for gastric sleeve surgery?

The pre-surgery diet consists primarily of lean protein, vegetables, and clear liquids to help ensure your stomach is prepped for the procedure. The key to a successful preoperative liquid diet is to keep it low in sugar while maintaining a balance of high protein with healthy fat and carbohydrates.

Why do I have to follow my pre-op diet before gastric sleeve?

There are two primary reasons why you are instructed to follow your pre-op diet before you have gastric sleeve surgery: It helps you lose weight before your surgery It reduces the size of your liver

What is pre-op preparation for bariatric surgery?

Preparation for bariatric surgery is multi-faceted. You have to prepare mentally as well as physically in order to get the results that you need. The problem is that most people tend to focus on the POST -op part of bariatric surgery. But it starts with PRE -op preparation to lay the foundation for success post-op.

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