How do I set up my Alfa R36?

How do I set up my Alfa R36?

Setup Guide: ALFA R36 as range extender

  1. Connect the ALFA R36 to you PC or notebook via ethernet network cable.
  2. Connect the WiFi USB adapter to the USB port of the ALFA R36..
  3. The R36 can now be configured.

How do I change my wifi adapter?

In Windows 10, click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings. In the list of network connections that opens, select the connection you are using to connect to your ISP (wireless or LAN). Double-click on the connection.

What is the use of Alfa network?

Alfa Network R36 configuration to redistribute a wireless connection on smartphones, tablets, computers Alfa Network R36 is a complete and powerful device, which allows among other features to redistribute a wireless connection to share it with all your wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, computers etc).

What is Alfanext?

Product details of Alfa Next Wireless-N USB Adapter + Antenna 2.4Ghz With Antenna. Mini USB Wifi Adapter. Faster Transmission. Stronger Signal Gain. Easy To Use & Small in Size.

What is the use of Alfa WIFI adapter?

Alfa Network USB Adapter (Green) You can configure AWUS036NH with ad-hoc mode to connect to other 2.4GHz wireless computers, or with Infrastructure mode to connect to a wireless AP or router for accessing to Internet.

How to use the Alfa R36 router with a WiFi USB adapter?

To make use of the ALFA R36 router in combination with one of the mentioned WiFi USB adapters it can be necessary to perform an update of the firmware of the ALFA R36.. 1) Connect the ALFA R36 to you PC or notebook via ethernet network cable. Therefore please connect the ethernet port of the computer directly to the LAN connector of the R36.

How can I Optimize my Alfa R36 for best results?

You can also optimize your R36 for best results. At its heart, the Alfa R36 is a repeater- but with a major advantage. You can use it with a compatible Alfa AWUS036H (or AWUS036NH or AWUS036NHR if you have the R36 NH/NHR version) to pull in a distant WiFi signal and repeat it so that other devices like iPads and laptops can use the new signal.

How to connect the R36 to a new WiFi network?

Choose the WiFi network you want to connect to and click “Select”. In “Pass Phrase” you need to put in the password of this WiFi network and click “SAVE”. Then click “Activate/Save”.The R36 is now connecting to the new chosen WiFi network via the WiFi adapter.

How do I install the R36 on my computer?

Establish a connection to the R36 either by WiFi or by plugging ethernet cable into LAN port of R36 and ethernet port of PC Click on the “ssid” signal you want. Click “done” or you can click the “ssid choice” box, and rename it, and click “done.” At this point you are finished with the installation.

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