How do I reset my Rinnai heater?

How do I reset my Rinnai heater?

Turn off all hot water faucets/taps. Press On/Off button twice. Turn hot water back on and test. You may have to try this a couple times to reset the system.

Why does my Rinnai heater keep turning off?

If your furnace keeps shutting off, it could be due to low airflow. There are several indirect issues that cause low airflow. Dirty Air Filters. If you don’t change your air filters often enough, the filters will become dirty and clogged, which means the heat exchanger retains heat and eventually causes it to overheat.

Why is my Rinnai hot water not working?

Your hot water unit may not be working due to power outage. Solar systems can face issues during poor weather. Check the booster switch for the same. Ensure if the thermostat is working correctly.

What temperature should I set my Rinnai tankless water heater?

For your safety, Rinnai tankless water heaters come with a maximum temperature default setting of 120℉ to help prevent scalding. However, by following these simple steps, you can increase the temperature to 140℉ if you choose.

What temperature should I set my tankless hot water heater to?

You’ll want to shoot for 100-115 degrees Fahrenheit for your water to be heated. If your groundwater temperature is 60 degrees and you want your shower at 110 degrees, that’s going to be a 50-degree rise.

How do I get the child lock off my Rinnai heater?

To deactivate the Child / Function Lock simply press both the “ ” and “ ” buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds and the Child / Function Lock indicator will go out. The Child / Function Lock can be deactivated at any time in this way.

Why does my fish tank heater keep turning off?

If the heater that’s shutting off is in an area of the tank with low current, it could be developing a pocket of warmer water around itself. Try placing an airstone near it or move the heater closer to your filter to get more water moving past it. The one that’s not turning off is never hitting the temp it’s set for.

Why does my Rinnai heater keep beeping?

A water heater may sound a beep to warn that there is a water leak. Leaks may be obvious if the floor is wet near the water heater, but the leak might also be somewhere along the line. The beeping may be initiated by a water heater shutoff feature, a flood prevention device. Beeping may also signal a gas leak.

What is the capacity of a Rinnai thermostat?

Capacity 1.3 L Flame failure (flame rod), overheat (bi-metal switch, thermal fuse, thermistor), power failure (PCB), power fuse (3 A fuse), and fan delay (microcomputer timer) Why Rinnai? Our stylish and efficient heating and cooling solutions are designed to bring you total home comfort.

Why choose a Rinnai gas hot water system?

Every gas hot water system is different due to many constraints such as hot water demand, spatial restrictions and building construction to name just a few. A Rinnai flue system is designed with flexibility in mind and can be tailor made to suit the plant room available.

How do I Register my Rinnai product?

Our stylish and efficient heating and cooling solutions are designed to bring you total home comfort. Simply enter the product code and serial number to register a Rinnai product.

When does the Rinnai he+ tankless water heater rebate start?

Purchase and Install a Rinnai HE+ Series Tankless Water Heater between August 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019 and receive a $100 Consumer Rebate. Eligible Models: RL75iN / RL75iP / RL75eN / RL75eP / RL94iN / RL94iP / RLX94iN / RL94eN / RL94eP.

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