How do I register for 30 in TNT for Internet?

How do I register for 30 in TNT for Internet?

How to register TNT SURFSAYA30? To register, just dial *123# > SURFSAYA > FB > 300MB, 3 days, P30. Make sure to have enough load balance to be able to subscribe to TNT’s Surf Saya 30 promo.

How do I register my 15t in TNT?

To register for the promo, text UTP15 and send to 3545. Make sure that you have at least ₱15 in your load balance. You will receive a text message saying that you have successfully registered for the promo. You can also dial *123# and choose Other Offers > UTP > 15 > Subscribe.

How do I register TNT 15 2021?

How do I register for a TNT promo? To register for a TNT promo, simply text the access code of the promo and send it to 4545. You may also dial *123# to register to your favorite TNT promos.

How do I install Facebook 10?

To load FB10 via retailer, the load retailer can text FB10 <11-digit number> to 4577. For example, FB10 09123456789 and send to 4577.

How do I register 10 pesos on TNT?

How to Register with TNT Promo on your Mobile Phone

  1. Step 1: On your TNT mobile phone dial *123# This is the first thing that you need to do is dial the *123# on your TNT mobile device.
  2. Step 2: Select the promo of your choice.
  3. Step 3: Select SUBSCRIBE in the list of choices.

How do I register my ML 10 TNT 2021 via text?

How To Register ML10

  1. Dial *123# > Other Offers > NEW ML > 10.
  2. Via text Text ML10 to 4545.

How do I register a Talk N text promo?

Unli Talk and Text 20

  1. Promo: Unlimited texts to all networks. + Unlimited calls to TNT/Smart/Sun. + 100MB of Tropa Apps.
  2. Registration: Text T20 to 4547 to register.
  3. Validity: 1 day.
  4. Price: ₱20 load.

What UTP 15?

Talk and Text UTP15 offers unlimited call and text to Sun Cellular, Smart, and Talk ‘N Text. If your friends or family is using a different network, this offer is still very helpful since you also have free 50 texts to all networks.

How do I register my 15 pesos load in TNT?

To avail of the ‘Gaan All-in-One 15’ promo, a Talk ‘N Text subscriber needs to register by sending TC15 to 4545. To make a call upon registration, subscriber dials *4545+.

How do I register for TNT 15 pesos?

How do I register my net 20 TNT via text?

To register, just dial *123# > Other Offers > ALLNET 20. Make sure to have enough load balance to be able to subscribe to TNT’s All Net 20 promo.

What is Talk ‘N Text AL30?

Talk ‘N Text recently launched AL30 or Araw-Araw Load 30, a combo promo which will let you enjoy three services in … Hello Katropa, Good news for Nokia cell phone users who are looking for affordable yet powerful mobile internet promos. Talk ‘N Text launches …

Is Talk N Text trinet300 unlimited?

Talk ‘N Text has taken its offers to another level with TRINET300. Enjoy unlimited text Talk ‘N Text, Smart, and Sun Cellular subscribers. … Hi Katropa! Today, Talk ‘N Text launches TP10 or UnlitTxtPlus10.

What are the features of Talk ‘N Text?

Features: Unlimited calls to Talk ‘N Text, Smart and Sun networks; Unlimited texts to all networks; 30 MB of data for selected apps How to register: Text T20 to 4547 Features: Unlimited texts to Talk ‘N Text (TNT) and Smart network; 10 minutes of call daily to Talk ‘N Text (TNT) and Smart network; 10 minutes daily internet surfing

What is Talk ‘N Text tri15 or Gaan Unli trio plus 15?

Talk ‘N Text launches … Talk ‘N Text has launched TRI15 or GAAN UNLI TRIO PLUS 15, a call and text combo promo that features unlimited text to … Hello Katropa, do you miss your loved ones abroad but don’t have enough balance to send them a text message? Worry not as …

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