How do I program my NEC dterm 80 phone?

How do I program my NEC dterm 80 phone?

To program a button, leave the phone on hook, press the Feature key, and then press the button your wish to program. The code for programming one touch buttons is 01, so after choosing your desired button, dial 01. There are different functions for you to program, such as transferring a call.

How do I forward my NEC dterm Series E?

TO SET FORWARDING Lift your handset or press the Speaker key. Press the forward key you wish to set (Fwd NA, Fwd All, or Fwd Busy), dial the desired number, and hang up. The LED will light up and your display will indicate “Forward Set.”

What is the feature button on NEC phone?

program button
Feature: The Feature button on your phone is a program button. Pressing the Feature button and then the Answer button toggles the Automatic Handset Answer feature on/off. This allows you to program your speed dial keys.

How do you turn up the ringer volume on a NEC dterm series?

Press down or up Key. Ringer volume decreases or increases. Press Feature Key to stop ringing. Press Feature and 4.

How do I listen to messages on my NEC phone?

How to check voicemail on NEC phone:

  1. Press the voice mail soft key. You will hear new messages if there are any.
  2. To leave a message, press “77”.
  3. For the complete main menu with features, press “0”.

How do I change the ringtone on my dterm Series E?

Press 3 (Audio & Visual), press 1 (Audio), then press 7 (Ring Settings) which brings you to 1 for external ring tones (from off campus), and 2 for internal ring tones (from on-net). Either selection gives you 15 different tones from which to choose.

How do I use my NEC landline phone?

Basic Features

  1. Press the Transfer button.
  2. Listen for an interrupted dial tone.
  3. Dial an extension and then hang up OR wait to announce the call then hang up.
  4. If called, the party cannot take the announced transfer.
  5. If you encounter a busy or unanswered extension, press Transfer again to return to the caller.

How do I turn off the answer button on my NEC phone?

FORWARD NO ANSWER CANCEL: Lift handset press FDN soft key. Hang up.

How do I change the ringtone on my NEC dterm series?

How do you answer voicemail on NEC phone?

Press VM Key on any telephone, when prompted for Security Code Press #. Dial 9 plus your mailbox number then enter your Security Code. Access your Voice Mail from Outside of the Office. During business hours, call the main number, when the voicemail answers, dial 9 plus your mailbox number, then your Security Code.

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