How do I make a row in a table clickable?

How do I make a row in a table clickable?

Using tag inside

One more way to make the whole row clickable is to add an inside every


. Along with it add hover to the row which we want to make clickable and use display: block property to anchor to make the whole row clickable.

How do you make a row clickable in JavaScript?

If you add “display: block” CSS style tag to the anchor objects in the cells that you want to be clickable it will make the entire cell (minus any padding) act like a button. The cursor is displayed correctly and it previews the link destination in the status bar. This is all done with zero javascript.

How do you make a whole row in a table clickable as a link?

1 Answer

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How do I make a row clickable in bootstrap?

You can make basic Bootstrap rows entirely clickable as a link utilizing the JavaScript “onclick” function. Presenting links in rows is a good way to organize your links section and it looks visually pleasing to the idea.

Can a table row be a link?

A linked table row is possible, but not with the standard


How do you put a link in a table?

You just put an img tag inside the table cell (< td > tag). The src attribute’s value can be any valid URL of an image on the Web , local or remote.

Can we create hyperlink within a table in HTML?

Hyperlink is a pointer from one HTML document to another one, the target may be same website location or some other location on the Internet. You can add links inside the Table Cells.

How do I make a table of contents clickable in HTML?

If you don’t want to table of contents to be present in the HTML you need to generate both the layout and the content with JavaScript.

  1. Create the HTML. The HTML source code for the TOC (table of contents) will be inside a tag.
  2. Number the headings.
  3. Insert the TOC into the document.
  4. Add hyperlinks.

Can you insert hyperlink inside the table cells?

Yes in spite of text we just have to insert the anchor tag between the and tags.

How do I make a table of contents on my website?

This guide covers the following:

  1. Open an empty page of a Web Document.
  2. Click on the page.
  3. Select Table of Contents.
  4. When you apply the Table of Contents module on the page the settings menu is displayed. Choose settings and click on Save to apply the Table of Contents to the page.

How do I make a table in HTML?

To create table in HTML, use the


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