How do I make a default profile on Mac?

How do I make a default profile on Mac?

Specify the default profile In the Terminal app on your Mac, choose Terminal > Preferences, then click Profiles. Select the profile that you want to use as the default profile. Click Default at the bottom of the profiles list.

Where are pages templates stored Mac?

In the Finder, navigate to your user’s Library -> Application Support -> iWork -> Pages -> Templates folder. In that folder, you’ll see a folder named My Templates. That’s where all your existing customized templates live.

Where are templates stored in word 365?

In Word 2013-2021 (365) the default location of the for new templates is a subfolder of the user’s documents folder named “Custom Office Templates.” This folder location can be changed under File -> Options -> Save.

How do you change user picture on Mac?

How to change a user’s login picture on Mac

  1. Click on the Apple Menu, then on System Preferences.
  2. Click on User & Groups.
  3. There’s a picture icon next to the Change Password option.
  4. This brings up a lot of options and pictures to select from.
  5. Hit ‘Save’ once you are done selecting your new profile picture.

How do I change System Preferences on Mac?

To change System Preferences on your Mac, click the System Preferences icon in the Dock or choose Apple menu > System Preferences.

What is a user template for?

A User Template is a feature that allows account administrators to gather common user configurations and create a user profile that can be applied to multiple users via the online account. User Templates are used to apply the same settings to multiple users without having to input the same settings for every user.

How do I delete my templates in Pages?

To edit a template, hover your cursor over the template and then select Select to open it in EasyEditor. To delete a template: Hover your cursor over the template and then select the check box. Select Delete.

Where are my templates stored?

The default location of the User Templates Folder remains C:\Users\ user name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. The User Templates folder will still contain the Normal. dotm template. The location of that folder can be modified (or discovered) using File -> Options -> Advanced -> File Locations.

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