How do I insert a graphic into InDesign?

How do I insert a graphic into InDesign?

Choose File > Place, and select files. You can select graphics files, text files, InDesign files, and other files you can add to InDesign documents. Optionally, select Show Import Options, click Open, and specify the import options for each file.

How do I insert an image into a box in InDesign?

Paste an object into a frame

  1. Do one of the following: To paste one object inside a frame, select the object.
  2. Choose Edit > Copy (or Edit > Cut, if you don’t want to keep the original).
  3. Select a path or frame, and then choose Edit > Paste Into.

How do I insert a PNG file in InDesign?

In order to move a PNG to the InDesign system, you’re going to need to use the ‘place’ feature. First, open the InDesign software. Select ‘file’ then ‘place’ and choose the PNG graphic you want to use. You’ll now have a workable, editable version of the PNG inside an INDD.

How do I embed an image in InDesign 2021?

To embed a link, place the image in your file as you normally would, then find the image in your links menu. Right-click, and select ’embed image’. An icon will appear beside the image letting you know the image is embedded.

Does InDesign support PNG?

Indesign only supports transparent PNG files saved in PNG24 format. The PNG8 format with transparency doesn’t work – please resave the files as PNG24 and it will be sorted.

How do I put objects behind each other in InDesign?

Hold the Shift key and click on a selected object to deselect that object. To select objects behind others, hold the Cmd/Ctrl key as you click the mouse button.

How do I make an image better quality in InDesign?

Go to InDesign > Preferences (Mac) or File > Preference (Windows) and click on Display Performance. In Options (section 1 in the screenshot), there are two controls: A: Default View, which determines which Display Performance is to be used (Fast, Typical, or High Quality).

Why are my PNG files blurry in InDesign?

If you experience this problem in InDesign go to the View Menu>Display Performance and select Typical Display or High Quality Display. This should resolve the issue.

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