How do I get top 10 rows in Cognos?

How do I get top 10 rows in Cognos?

Creating a Top Ten Report: Cognos Report Studio

  1. Log into Tivoli Integrated Portal.
  2. Launch – > Report Studio or open the report you would like to use for the top results report.
  3. Mouse-over Query Explorer and click on the Query you would like to use.
  4. On the left-hand side, drag in the data item you are trying to rank.

What is Page Break Cognos?

You can set page breaks in a report to control the data that appears on each page. For example, you have a list that shows all products sold by your company, grouped by product line. You insert a page break so the details for each product line appear on a separate page.

Is Cognos obsolete?

While no longer an independent company, the Cognos name continues to be applied to IBM’s line of business intelligence and performance management products.

What is drill down in Cognos?

You can link groups of data items from different queries so that when you drill up or drill down in one query, the data item also drills up or drills down in the linked queries. When you drill down or up, you can specify whether the column title shows the member caption value or the level label value.

How do you rank in Cognos?

You can rank categories by their value in a specific row or column. For example, a report outlines revenue for all your products. When you rank this report, IBM® Cognos® PowerPlay® adds a rank category to identify the place each product came in, by revenue. Sorting arranges categories in ascending or descending order.

How do I create a page break in Cognos 11?

From the Structure menu, do one of the following:

  1. To create a page break without creating a master detail relationship, click Set Page Break. This option only works if the data item is in a list or repeater.
  2. To create a page break using a master detail relationship, click Set Page Break Using Master/Detail.

Does Cognos use SQL?

By default, IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager uses Cognos SQL to create and edit query subjects. Cognos SQL adheres to SQL standards and works with all relational and tabular data sources. Framework Manager generates the most optimized SQL possible. In this way, Cognos SQL is preferable.

Does IBM own Cognos?

OTTAWA, Nov. 12 — Cognos, the last major independent producer of software that companies use to analyze mountains of data, agreed on Monday to be acquired by I.B.M. for $4.9 billion in cash.

How do I create a drill through report in Cognos analytics?

On the Target report tab, click the ellipsis button next to the Report box and select the drill through target report. In the Action box, decide how users will view the target report when they click the drill through link in the parent report: To view the latest data in IBM Cognos Viewer, select Run the report.

What is stored in the Cognos 8 content store?

The content store is a relational database that contains data that IBM Cognos 8 needs to operate, such as report specifications, published models, and the packages that contain them; connection information for data sources; information about the external namespace, and the Cognos namespace itself; and information about …

How do I remove a page break in Cognos Report Studio?

Go to the Page Explorer and Click on the Report Pages Folder. if there is a Page Break in the report, then there will be a Page set folder and the Report Page will be present under it. Now drag the report page above the page set, now click the page set folder and delete it. Now the page Break will be removed.

How to configure Cognos to export to the maximum number of rows?

Advanced parameter RSVP.EXCEL.EXCEL_2007_WORKSHEET_MAXIMUM_ROWS is available to configure Cognos to export to the maximum rows to an Excel Worksheet, 1,048,576 rows. Another option is to Export to CSV and open in Excel.

How to increase the number of rows per page in report?

The “Rows Per Page” in run option (Report Studio), or advanced run option (Cognos connection) can be increased to a high number to keep all query frames in one page. This document describes how to set the number of “Rows Per Page” in report with a chart. A Rows Per Page property exists in the Properties pane for lists and crosstabs.

How many rows can a list report export to multiple worksheets?

When exporting a list report to Excel 2007 format, the output is exported to multiple Worksheets after 65,536 rows. How can this limit be changed to allow all rows exported to a single Worksheet?

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