How do I get my items back from Mogstation?

How do I get my items back from Mogstation?

If I were to do this, could I get it back?? You can do a 1 time item restore with SE’s Customer Support, but that’s the only item you can restore for the lifetime of your account for FFXIV. So whichever item you decide to restore, make sure you think it’s worth it.

How do you retrieve a lost item?

Recover Deleted Files

  1. Look in the trash bin.
  2. Use your system file history backup tool.
  3. Use a file recovery program.
  4. Save a copy on a cloud based service.

Can you restore a character in Ffxiv?

Users cannot restore deleted characters themselves. If you would like to request a character restoration, please fill out a character recovery request, and we will determine if recovery is possible.

How do I contact Square Enix support?

square-enix [dot] com, or call our toll free number at 1-800-715-2450.

Can you get back discarded items Ffxiv?

You can do so by pressing the ESC key and choosing “Support Desk” or by typing “/supportdesk” in the chat bar. Search the database for “How to Contact a GM” and follow the instructions to submit your request. Following a GM investigation, if it is confirmed that an item can be restored, the item will be restored.

Where do Mogstation purchases go?

You can view your purchase history for any Optional Items you have purchased through the Mog Station’s Payment History menu or the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Store’s View Purchase History menu.

Can you restore files after deleting from Recycle Bin?

Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your Desktop to open it. Look through the files to find the needed one. Right-click the file you wish to restore and choose Restore from the drop-down menu. Or simply drag and drop the file to a different folder.

Can you recover permanently deleted emails?

For up to 30 days after deleting, users can recover their own messages from the Trash by following the steps in Recover deleted Gmail messages. After 30 days, messages are permanently deleted from the Trash, and can’t be restored from the Trash by users or administrators.

Can you restore a deleted character in new world?

Just say you’ve accidently deleted it. Under no circumstances will they restore a deleted character.

Do ff14 characters get deleted?

Thus, the character will be deleted from the game. Extremely important to be cautious in choosing the right character, because once it is deleted there is no way to roll back.

Is Square Enix support open?

Email Support requests are available 24 hour a day / 7 days a week. Please note that while you may submit a request at any time, email is responded to during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 9:00 – 18:00 GMT/BST, excluding holidays).

How do I reactivate my Square Enix account?

To reactivate a Service Account for FINAL FANTASY XIV, log into the Mog Station and select “Reactivate Service Account” from the “Your Account” tab at the top. Follow the on-screen instructions to reactivate your Service Account.

How many times can I request for item restoration?

Requests for item restoration will only be honored a limited number of times, so please utilize this only when a very important item was lost and absolutely must be recovered. -“Drop” was selected accidentally, and the item was discarded. -The item was thrown away as a ranged weapon.

How long does it take to restore lost items?

Following a GM investigation, if it is confirmed that an item can be restored, the item will be restored. The results should be sent after several days, but the investigation may take several weeks. ・ The request is made one (1) week or more after the item was lost.

Where can I find materials used in Ishgardian restoration?

These locations include those found in the Diadem, which contain materials used in Ishgardian Restoration recipes. The Diadem is an area exclusively for gatherers and offers items used in Ishgardian Restoration crafter recipes. Some items can only be gathered under certain weather conditions.

How do I restore an item that has been dropped?

There is a possibility that an item that has been dropped, consumed, or converted to Materia can be restored through the item recovery service. This service is only offered once per SQUARE ENIX account.

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