How do I find Quaker records?

How do I find Quaker records?

Full lists of what records we have are available and organized by yearly meetings and associations. Contact us if you don’t see your meeting or the meeting your are seeking. For a full list of Quaker meetings in North America and to search by meetings geographically, see

What is the US Quaker meeting records?

Records are found in “monthly meeting” records. Most Quaker meeting records include births, marriages and deaths as well as certificates of removal when a member moved from one congregation (meeting) to another.

Do Quakers have birth certificates?

Vital Records – The Friends kept records of births, deaths and marriages like many other churches. Birth records can often be found in the minutes of the monthly meeting. Deaths can be found in death registers. The marriage records can also be found in the minutes.

Did Quakers keep records?

Quakers have always had a reputation for keeping meticulous records. It was this that led to them being exempted from the Clandestine Marriage Act of 1753 which mandated the keeping of banns registers and ruled that all marriages must be conducted in a Church of England parish.

How do you research Quaker ancestors?

To get the most out of the Quaker Collection on, you’ll need to know a few things about Quaker meetings and various types of records, which can include meeting minutes, births, marriages, burials, memberships, records related to discipline, memorials, and others.

How do you read Quaker dates?

Days of the week were known as First Day’ for Sunday, Second Day’ for Monday, and so forth. They used no other names but these, either in their spoken conversations or in their letters. Similarly, the months of the year were known as First Month’ for January, Second Month’ for February, and so forth.

Are there still Quakers in the United States?

There are about 75,000 Quakers in the U.S., but they have had, in many ways, an outsized impact on social equality. It all boils down to acting on Quaker values.

How does a Quaker wedding work?

Often referred to as the silent ceremony, Quaker weddings differ from the traditional Protestant ceremony in four significant ways: there is no officiant; no giving away of the bride; a wedding certificate is signed; and there is a long period of silent, open worship after which those attending may speak on the …

What is the England and Wales non conformist record indexes?

Nonconformist records were therefore records kept by non-Anglican churches or other congregations that recorded details of people who did not belong to the Church of England.

What does disowned mean in Quaker records?

If the member failed to acknowledge fault after visitation by the committee, then the member was disowned by the Society and could not be reinstated until acknowledgement of fault was made.

What does Disownment mean in Quaker records?

Where can I find unpublished Quaker records?

William Wade Hinshaw’s Index to Unpublished Quaker Records. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania: Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College. This index contains records which were extracted from the minutes of 300 meetings from the East Coast to Nebraska. These meetings are not included in the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol.

How many Quaker Meetings are in this index?

This index contains records which were extracted from the minutes of 300 meetings from the East Coast to Nebraska. These meetings are not included in the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. I-VI, 1607-1940.

What is the best Encyclopedia of Quaker genealogy?

Marshall, Thomas Worth, comp. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy. Supplement to Volume 1. Washington, D.C.: n.p. 1948. The Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy is a six-volume compendium of vital facts relating to some of the Quaker meetings in a few states. Hinshaw’s Encyclopedia does not include images of the meeting minutes.

Where can I find early Philadelphia Quaker Meeting records?

Early Philadelphia Quaker meeting records – Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia, Northern District, Southern District, and Philadelphia Quarterly Meeting – can be accessed online at the Philadelphia Congregations Early Records Project. Relief (Aid).

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