How do I find my saxophone serial number?

How do I find my saxophone serial number?

To find your saxophone’s serial number, first check underneath the thumb rest. The thumb rest is a metal hook found six inches or so below where the body tube attaches to the neck. A manufacturer’s stamp usually appears on the opposite side of the body tube near the low D key.

What is spinto voice type?

Spinto (from Italian, “pushed”) is a vocal term used to characterize a soprano or tenor voice of a weight between lyric and dramatic that is capable of handling large musical climaxes in opera at moderate intervals. (Sometimes the terms lirico-spinto or jugendlich-dramatisch are used to denote this category of voice.)

How do you date a Conn saxophone?

Note: From 1987 to present, add 50 to the serial number prefix to calculate the year of manufacture….C.G. Conn Instrument Serial Numbers.

C. G. C.G. Conn Saxophones 1976 – present
Date Serial #
1979 111821 – 128691
1980 128692 – 145001
1981 145002 – 154753

How can I tell what kind of saxophone I have?

The most obvious difference between the two instruments is their size. The tenor sax is slightly larger and heavier, while the alto sax is smaller, lighter, and more easily managed than a tenor. The neck of an alto saxophone also comes up slightly at the end, while the neck of a tenor bends slightly down.

Can females be Tenors?

For female tenors, the dress code is flexible. There are more of us than you would think, and you will find us in many community choruses around Westchester County and Manhattan. We women sing tenor because the range suits us better than alto, which is the lowest female choral part.

Is it hard to play soprano saxophone?

Playing in tune on the soprano sax is difficult, and takes a lot of practice. The main reason for this is because the mouthpiece is smaller, and is therefore more sensitive to small changes in the embouchure. When starting from scratch, this can be especially hard to control!

How old is my Conn trombone?

On Conn trombones I believe(!) that the serial number is stamped near where the slide and bell sections are joined. Check the number stamped there against the Conn brass serial number list. This should tell you what year the instrument was built.

What are the 4 main types of saxophones?

There are, of course, the 4 most common types of saxophones in use today:

  • soprano saxophone (highest pitched)
  • alto saxophone (most common beginner instrument)
  • tenor saxophone (common choice, especially in jazz)
  • baritone saxophone (lowest pitch)

What is a mezzo-soprano saxophone?

The mezzo-soprano saxophone, sometimes called the F alto saxophone, is an instrument in the saxophone family. It is in the key of F, pitched a whole tone above the alto saxophone. Its size and the sound are similar to the E ♭ alto, although the upper register sounds more like a B ♭ soprano.

What is a baritone saxophone?

The baritone saxophone is the largest among the first four common types of the saxophone. Bari sax is an Eb instrument which has a much lower tone. Many people don’t like using the baritone saxophone because of its features. Such features include its size, weight and a large amount of air you’ll need to produce sound.

Who played the soprano saxophone in jazz?

While not as popular as the alto and tenor saxes in jazz, the soprano saxophone has played a role in its evolution. Greats of the jazz soprano sax include 1930s virtuoso Sidney Bechet, 1950s innovator Steve Lacy, and, beginning with his landmark 1960 album My Favorite Things, John Coltrane .

What is the highest note on a soprano saxophone?

Like its big brother the tenor saxophone, the soprano saxophone is tuned to B flat, but an octave higher and covers two and a half octaves. Its high tone makes it one of the most difficult saxophones to master, as the highest notes are the most difficult to get out.

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