How do I connect optimum to Esso Speedpass?

How do I connect optimum to Esso Speedpass?

Using your Speedpass key tag at the pump? Insert your physical PC Optimum™ loyalty card, or key in your 10-digit phone number registered to your PC Optimum™ account into the pump before pointing your Speedpass™ key tag for payment.

Who owns Esso gas stations in Canada?

In Canada, the Esso brand is used on stations supplied by Imperial Oil, which is 69.8% owned by ExxonMobil.

Who owns Esso?

Imperial Oil Ltd. has reached a deal to sell 497 Esso-brand retail gas stations to five fuel distributors for $2.8-billion, as the company seeks to focus on its expanding oil sands and refining businesses.

How do I use Optimum Esso on my PC?

At the pump, customers can use their PC Optimum card, key in the phone number associated with their PC Optimum account, pay with their PC Financial Mastercard®, or use their Speedpass+ app linked to their PC Optimum account or PC Financial Mastercard®.

Does Esso give PC Optimum points?

Keep earning at Esso™ and Mobil™ Continue to earn PC Optimum™ points at more than 4,500 locations across Canada. At Esso™ stations earn 10 points per litre and per $1 spent on eligible convenience and car wash purchases.

What happened to the Esso tiger?

A tiger which starred in Esso’s much-loved fuel adverts has died of old age at a Lincolnshire wildlife park. A tiger which starred in Esso’s much-loved fuel adverts has died of old age at a Lincolnshire wildlife park.

Is Husky owned by Esso?

Did Esso buy Husky? No. Imperial Oil and Husky entered into an agreement to brand our network of cardlocks to Esso. As part of the agreement, Husky Travel Centres and a select number of Husky retail stations also changed fuel brands from Husky to Esso™ and are offering Fuel Technology Synergy™ gasoline (Synergy Fuel).

Who put a tiger in your tank?

The Esso campaign “Put a tiger in your tank” from 1959 is a typical and successful example of the 1950s and 1960s advertising spots that often used animated figures.

How do I change my credit card on Esso Speedpass?

How do I update my credit card information that is linked to my account? Please call Speedpass Customer Service toll free at 1-877-230-8344.

Can I earn Esso Extra and PC Optimum?

By joining the PC OptimumTM program, Esso Extra members can earn PC OptimumTM points on fuel, eligible convenience store, and car wash purchases at Esso stations and, beginning on January 18, 2022, can redeem PC OptimumTM points at Esso locations for fuel and car wash rewards More information on redeeming PC OptimumTM …

Can I still use my Esso Speedpass?

Can I still use my Speedpass™ Keytag? Yes, the Speedpass Keytag is still accepted. To see where, please visit our Station Locator at or in the Speedpass+ App and search for “Speedpass Keytag in-store” or “Speedpass Keytag at pump”.

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