How do I change the network interface name in Fedora?

How do I change the network interface name in Fedora?


  1. Identify the network device names assigned to each interface.
  2. Generate the /etc/udev/rules.
  3. Unplug and plug back in each network interface to create the map of current to desired names.
  4. Rename and edit the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-X files to reflect the desired names.
  5. Edit the /etc/udev/rules.

How do you rename eth0 to eth1?

Modifying network scripts

  1. You will have to rename and edit the network script for the interface you will to rename.
  2. Open renamed device’s config file (ifcfg-eth1) and Change Device=oldname (eth0) to newname (eth1).
  3. Down the interface eth0 and start the new interface.
  4. Verify the new settings with ifconfig or ip command.

How do I rename enp0s3 to eth0?

Update Network Interface Configurations Rename the network interface’s configuration file from ifcfg-enp0s3 to ifcfg-eth0. Edit the file and update the name of the network device based on the DHCP/ Static IP address for eth0.

How do I change my Ethernet name in Linux?


  1. Find the MAC address of the ports you wish to change their names (e.g., enp2s0f0 and enp2s0f1): # ifconfig.
  2. Create the configuration file (70-persistent-net.rules)
  3. Create/edit the ifcfg file for the port configuration:
  4. Reboot the server and then verify the name changes by running ifconfig.

How do you convert eth0 to eth3?

To change the name of the interface back to eth0 :

  1. Open the file /etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net. rules with your favorite editor.
  2. Find the rule matching your MAC address.
  3. Change the NAME value from eth1 to eth0 i.e. NAME=”eth0″
  4. To apply changes without restarting run sudo udevadm trigger.

How do I change the Ethernet interface name in Linux?

How do I change the network interface name?

The best way to rename a network interface is through udev . Edit the file /etc/udev/rules. d/70-persistent-net. rules to change the interface name of a network device.

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