How bright is a TLR 1?

How bright is a TLR 1?

Super Bright, 1000 Lumen LED Tactical Weapon Light The TLR-1 HL provides an 1,000 lumen blast of light for maximum illumination while clearing a room or searching an alley. Its wide beam pattern lights up large areas so you can identify who or what is nearby.

Is the TLR 1 and the TLR 1s the same size?

is there any size difference in the TLR -1 and the TLR-1s? No. The TLR 1 sticks out just a bit on a g19 but runs fine.

Is TLR 1 a good light?

The TLR-1 is a great light. It is well made, fits securely to your rail mount and the switch is smooth. I like the regular old TLR-1LED, 200 to 300 lumens of light is all you really need on a handgun, any higher is too bright in confined spaces etc.

What is a TLR-1 Light?

TLR-1® GUN LIGHT Intensely bright, virtually indestructible rail-mounted tactical light which attaches to almost any gun in seconds. Powered by two 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries with 10-year storage life. 300 lumens; 2.5 hours regulated run time; 12,000 candela peak beam intensity.

Does TLR-1 HL have strobe?

Product Description. Streamlight, TLR-1 HL, High Lumen Rail Mounted Tactical Light, C4 LED, 800 Lumens, Strobe, Black, 2x CR123 Batteries. In Black, FDE and FDE Brown.

What is the smallest weapon light?

The SureFire Ultra Compact LED Pistol Light is the smallest and most compact weapon light in the series. The pistol flashlight weighs as little as 1.6 ounces but does not sacrifice any of its power.

What battery does the TLR1 use?

CR123A lithium batteries
Battery Uses two CR123A lithium batteries (included).

Is the Streamlight TLR-1 waterproof?

TLR-1® GUN LIGHT 4.18 oz. IPX7 rated design; waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Remote switches are available as optional accessories and must be used in conjunction with 69130 remote door switch.

How long does TLR-1 battery last?

Assembled in the U.S.A. DESCRIPTION: Lightweight, compact, high lumen lithium battery powered Gun-Mounted Tactical Light featuring the latest in shock-proof high power LED technology and providing 1.5 hours of continuous run time.

Does the Streamlight TLR1 strobe?

Features an ambidextrous momentary/steady On-Off switch. Double tap of momentary paddle within 0.4 seconds activates strobe. Securely fits a broad range of weapons.

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