How big can a Helix aspersa get?

How big can a Helix aspersa get?

Its names are: Helix Aspersa Muller, Petit Gris. Moreover, this type is also called garden snail. Adult snail has a shell diameter from 25 to 40 mm and 35 mm of height. Its weight is from 6 to 10 gr.

How long do Helix aspersa live?

In natural conditions it lives from 2 to 5 years. In artificial conditions the life expectancy can be longer. Representatives of Helix aspersa are found in valleys, mixed forests, shrubs, vineyards, on calcareous and chalky soil. The main habitats are Western Europe and the Mediterranean coast.

How big is a Helix snail?

H. pomatia: Helix pomatia has a large shell that can attain a height of 30-50 mm and a width of 32-50 mm. There are a total of 5-6 whorls. The thin shell of this snail is globose with a wrinkled surface, giving the appearance of faint spiral lines.

How much babies do Helix aspersa have?

It gives babies two times a year. 180 eggs can be laid per one laying. Mating process of snails can be seen in the farms. However, incubators and isolate premises are used for laying.

Do snails really have 14000 teeth?

Snails teeth are not like regular teeth. A snail’s teeth are arranged in rows on its tongue. A garden snail has about 14,000 teeth while other species can have over 20,000.

What is the average lifespan of a snail?

Snail Life Span Two to five years is typical for most wild snails but some larger species could possibly live up to fifteen years.

Can snail live without shell?

Sadly more often than not the outcome is not good. Snails can usually only repair minor damage to their shells, the comforting tale that snails can ‘move’ to a spare empty shell is just a myth.

How long does it take for Helix aspersa to mature?

However, laboratory rearing in Corvallis under conditions Page 4 allowing continuous growth and breeding has shown that Helix aspersa can pass from egg to sexually mature individuals in about 6 months.

Is Helix aspersa Edible?

All snails in Britain are edible. They’re essentially the same creatures that the French, Spanish and Italians devour by the tonne.

Can you eat Roman snails?

The Roman snail, burgundy snail or edible snail, is a gastropod mollusk and one of the most widely known and distributed snail species in the world. This species is also known because it is the snail used in the exclusive French cuisine where is called “Escargot.”

How long is snail gestation?

between two and four weeks
After snails bury their eggs, the so-called gestation process usually does not take long. Some snails begin hatching in as little as 24 hours; some don’t hatch for up to four weeks. In the wild, the average gestation period lasts between two and four weeks.

What is a Helix aspersa?

The helix aspersa is also known as “European Brown Garden Snail,” but its scientific is under discussion. Some scientists think this snail is “ Cornu aspersum ,” “ Cantareus aspersus ” or “ Cryptomphalus aspersus .” This species is native to Europe but now lives in several parts of the world where it has become a pest of crops and gardens.

How many eggs does a Helix aspersa lay?

The final product got the name Helix Aspersa Maxima. One of the biggest advantages of this type of snails is the period of cultivation and growth. They reach the required size and weight during 5-7 months, and lay 130-180 eggs. Their weight can reach 40 grams.

What happens to Helix aspersa in hot weather?

In hot or drought periods, Helix aspersa retracts in its shell and covers the opening with a layer of mucus called epiphragm, which helps to keep the moisture inside and avoid the attack of animals that can kill it, like some ants. After doing this, it enters a state of inactivity that compares to hibernation.

Is solanine or chaconine more effective in the treatment of Helix aspersa?

Tested alone, both compounds deterred feeding of the test snail, Helix aspersa, with chaconine ( 307) being more effective than solanine ( 306 ).

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