Has there ever been back to back kickoff return touchdowns?

Has there ever been back to back kickoff return touchdowns?

Kickoff returns are different There have been no punt returns for touchdowns in Super Bowl history, but 10 players have returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the big game. The first was Fulton Walker of the Miami Dolphins, who returned a Washington kickoff 98 yards to the end zone in Super Bowl XVII.

Who has the most punt returns in one game?

Los Angeles Rams cornerback LeRoy Irvin records a single-game record with 207 punt return yards against the Falcons in 1981.

What is the difference between a kick return and a punt return?

Punt and Kick Returns These teams are made up of a returner and blockers. They try to set up a return and gain yardage after the ball is caught. The punt returner is generally a fast player who also plays wide receiver, running back, or in the secondary.

What is the longest punt return in NFL history?

After the right side of the field wasn’t open, Grant cut back to the left and took it 97 yards to the house.

  • Longest punt return in @NFL history!
  • This heads up play by Dwayne Harris turned into an unbelievable 99-yard return â€¼ï¸ @Raiders pic.twitter.com/mbAskRKddN.

Who has the most punt return touchdowns?

Brian Mitchell
NFL Career Leaders – Punt Return Yards

Punt Returns
Player TD
1. Brian MitchellB. Mitchell, 1990-03 9
2. David MeggettD. Meggett, 1989-98 7
3. Devin HesterD. Hester, 2006-16 14

Who has the most kick-return TD?

Brian Mitchell | 14 TDs Mitchell remains the all-time leader in kickoff return yards (14,014), punt return yards (4,999), and combined postseason return yards (1,214).

What is the most kick return touchdowns in a game?

10 players are tied for the most kick-return touchdowns in a game, with 2 touchdowns. The first three are Leon Washington on September 26, 2010, Josh Cribbs on December 20, 2009 and Ted Ginn on November 1, 2009.

What’s the difference between kickoff and punt?

In American football, a kickoff is an option, but most teams choose to punt the ball on the free kick; the National Football League, in contrast to most other leagues, prohibits the use of a kicking tee on a safety free kick.

Whats the difference between a punt and a kick?

is that kick is a hit or strike with the leg or foot or knee while punt is (nautical) a pontoon; a narrow shallow boat propelled by a pole or punt can be (rugby|american football|soccer) a kick made by a player who drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground contrast drop kick or punt can be a point in the …

Who is the best punt returner of all time?

Rick Upchurch Upchurch is arguably the NFL’s best punt returner ever. In his nine-year career he totaled over 3,000 punt return yards and an incredible eight touchdowns.

Who has the most punt return touchdowns in a season?

4 players are tied for the most punt-return touchdowns in a season, with 4 touchdowns.

Patrick Peterson 2011 44
Devin Hester 2007 42
Rick Upchurch 1976 39
Jack Christiansen 1951 18

Who has the most kick and punt returns?


Rank Player RtY
1 Brian Mitchell 19,013
2 Allen Rossum 15,003
3 Josh Cribbs 13,488
4 Mel Gray 13,003

Why do punt returns yield more touchdowns than kick returns?

Thus, from 2006-2016, taking into account rules changes to kick returns over this time frame, punt returns yield more touchdowns than kick returns at a consistently higher percentage. Thanks for contributing an answer to Sports Stack Exchange!

Can a kick returner be kicked away from the Super Bowl?

This may have some impact on the Super Bowl, as punt returners can be kicked away from, but kick returners cannot. 1 Specifically, I try to account for fumbles and other returns that are not of the conventional sort.

Should you pick a kicker or a punter in fantasy football?

With a well-timed touchdown, a kickoff or punt returner can provide the key points that push your fantasy team over the top. Some returners are better than others, so it’s important for fantasy managers to keep an eye on depth charts to see which players will return kicks and punts for each team.

Will aiyuk actually end up being the punt returner?

I’m skeptical Aiyuk actually ends up the punt returner, but we’ve seen teams expose their talented starting receivers to special teams hits before – Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh comes to mind. Aiyuk was a great punt returner in college and with the recent release of River Cracraft, the 49ers have Aiyuk currently listed as the starting punt returner.

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