Does Warehouse 13 have an ending?

Does Warehouse 13 have an ending?

Artie also gets a personal goodbye from Warehouse 13, something definitely earned. Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) gets some fatherly advice from Artie when she has doubts about becoming the next caretaker, but in the end, she decides to fulfill her destiny and be forever tied to the place.

What episode does Myka come back to Warehouse 13?

In the season 3 episode “Trials”, Myka explains to the Regents her reason for returning to the Warehouse… “The world has joy in it when you find a place that allows you to experience that joy. When you find people that make you feel safe and loved like you belong. You don’t walk away from it.

Do Mika and Pete get together in Warehouse 13?

Joanne Kelly insists that Pete and Myka won’t get together on Syfy’s Warehouse 13. Warehouse 13 star Joanne Kelly has ruled out the possibility of a romance between her character Myka and Pete (Eddie McClintock). The actress told TV Guide that the relationship between the pair is not “particularly romantic”.

What episode did Myka leave Warehouse 13?

The Syfy drama’s second season finale saw Myka (Kelly) resign from her role as a Warehouse agent, but the actress told IGN that her character’s return is “resolved… I wanted to get back to work, and I think Myka wanted to too.” Kelly added that Myka has “evolved a lot” throughout the show’s previous two seasons.

What happened to HG Wells in Warehouse 13?

Despite the events of Reset, Myka puts her life and trust in Helena’s hands, calming her by saying “I am not going to die… because you are going to save my life”. The seasons ends with Helena sacrificing her own life to save Myka, Pete and Artie.

When did Joanne Kelly leave Warehouse 13?

Season 2 finale
The good news: Leading lady Joanne Kelly is still with us as Myka Bering, even though the tough, vulnerable, funny and deliciously dishy superagent quit her job in the Season 2 finale after her trust in H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) almost led the end of the world.

Do Pete and Myka ever get together?

Throughout season 5, he realizes that he is in love with Myka, and they finally kiss in the series finale.

Do Lattimer and Myka get together?

Why did Joanne Kelly leave?

Last season’s finale left us on a cliffhanger as Myka left the Warehouse crew after being betrayed by H.G. Wells, the season’s main antagonist. Many fans were worried about how long Myka would be gone, but they won’t have to wait forever to see Myka back in action.

Does H.G. Wells join Warehouse 13?

Agent Helena George “H.G.” Wells is a fictional character on the American television series Warehouse 13, played by Jaime Murray. Agent Wells has been a recurring guest-character of the series playing the major antagonist of Season 2 and appearing alongside Agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer.

Does Claudia become caretaker of Warehouse 13?

In the series finale of Season 5 episode “Endless”, the show flash-forwards “several decades” into the future, and it is revealed that Claudia has become the caretaker of the Warehouse, and that Warehouse 13 is still in operation in South Dakota.

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