Does MEST like Wendy?

Does MEST like Wendy?

6 CLOSE TO WENDY Mest gained a level of closeness to Wendy after working with her during the Tenrou Island arc. She and Mest were paired together in a match against Gray and Loke. However, Mest is easily defeated, leaving Wendy to fight on her own.

Does Natsu and Lucy get together in 100 year quest?

The current most recent chapter of Fairy Tail is chapter 52 of the 100 Years Quest manga. Natsu and Lucy have not ended up together romantically, they haven’t had a child, and they haven’t gotten married.

Who is Natsu’s wife?

Lucy Dragneel

How do I watch fairy tail in order?

Chronological Order

  1. Fairy Tail (Season 1- Season 2) – Episode 1-68.
  2. ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 1 Welcome to Fairy Hills!!
  3. ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 2 Fairy Academy.
  4. ⁠Fairy Tail OVA 3 Memory Days.
  5. ⁠Fairy Tail (Season 2- Season 4) – Episode 69-124.
  6. Prologue: The Sunrise.
  7. ⁠Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess (Movie) (2012)

Why did Wendy cut her hair?

However, after Doranbolt saved her and Carla from dying, with the destruction on one Face, Wendy cut her hair, deciding she would no longer cry and whine, and would continue to fight as long as her friends are fighting as well.

Is Romeo a dragon slayer?

Abilities. Flame Dragon Slayer Magic: Romeo is a Second Generation Flame Dragon Slayer, meaning he found and implanted a Dragon Lacrima within himself, gaining similar abilities to that of Natsu Dragneel’s Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.

Who married Erza?

Jellal Fernandes

Who is jellal’s brother?


Are laxus and mirajane together?

In the end Mirajane will end up with Laxus. Elfman will end up with Evergreen. In the end Mirajane will end up with Laxus. Elfman will end up with Evergreen.

Who are the 5 S-class wizard in fairy tail?


Name Rank Status
Gildarts Clive S-Class Mage 5th Guild Master Active
Laxus Dreyar S-Class Mage Active
Mirajane Strauss S-Class Mage Active
Erza Scarlet S-Class Mage 7th Guild Master Active

Did Wendy know jellal or Mystogan?

Suddenly, Mystogan arrives and reveals to the two of them that he was the “Jellal” that Wendy knew seven years ago. Wendy, out of happiness, cries and tells him that she’s missed him but Mystogan tells her that it’s not the time for a happy reunion and that she should get out of town immediately.

What should I watch after fairy tail?

Let us now review five more fantasy-action series that a Fairy Tail devotee ought to try out next.

  • 8 Goblin Slayer.
  • 9 Sword Art Online.
  • 10 Dragon Ball.
  • 11 Soul Eater.
  • 12 D.
  • 13 Demon Slayer.
  • 14 Bleach.
  • 15 InuYasha. This beloved series is a classic, with its manga launching all the way back in 1996.

Who is jellal’s fiance?


Is NaLu confirmed?

Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. “Hiro Mashima CONFIRMS NaLu is CANON!” #FairyTail author, #HiroMashima, confirms #Natsu x #Lucy during a Fairy Tail Q&A, and talks about his plans to make #NatsuDragneel and #LucyHeartfilia a couple in the future!

When should I watch the fairy tail movie?

It’s a prequel to the actual series of sorts, but you should watch it in order, don’t start off with these. Watch them after the first 265 episodes and Phoneix Princess. Then it’ll go back to the normal Fairy Tail for the very last 2 episodes, #276 and #277. Then watch Dragon Cry.

Why did Wendy’s hair turn pink?

There is a theory that the 1st generation dragon slayers hair turns pink when they have etheranos incorporated into their bodies or use an etheranos based DF. It can’t be confirmed yet because Gajeel has not ate any etheranos or used DF yet.

Are there any fairy tail movies?

There are two Fairy Tail movies; Phoenix Priestess and Dragon Cry. In the show, there is also a time-skip around Episode 100-ish which majorly shakes up the nature of the show, and includes new costumes and appearances for all the characters. The events of both movies occur after this time-skip.

Does Erza kiss jellal?

Technically Erza and Jellal do NOT end up together though in the anime, they do tend to get close with each other. For example in one of the episodes Jellal and Erza were very close to kissing, but right before it could happen; Jellal pushed Erza away.

How old is Wendy fairytail?

Wendy is 12 years old at first when she joined Cait Shelter then she joined Fairy Tail. After a time skip, Wendy was 19 years old.

Does Wendy have a crush on Natsu?

Fans of the anime and manga support Wendy and Natsu’s relationship because of the close bond they have and Wendy’s very apparent crush on Natsu as well as the fact that they are both Dragon Slayers. They become very close throughout the series to the point where Wendy’s crush on Natsu grows into outright love.

How old is jellal?

Jellal Fernandes (Damon)

Jellal Fernandes
Race Human
Birthdate Year X765
Gender Male
Age 19 (Pre-TS), 26 (Post-TS) 29 (Breakdown)

Do Natsu and Lucy kiss in the anime?

They do kiss and they will have a kid (forgot the name and if the kid is a boy or a girl) but I do know that in episode 219 Natsu and Lucy almost kiss but sadly Lucy had to put Happy in fort of her to block the kiss 🙁 R.I.P XD.

How old is Wendy Marvell now?

Real answer: 13-14. She was 12 when introduced, but due to general passage of time and manga one time skip she is probably that age. Age was actually twelve when first introduced. She is now 13.

Is fairy tail 100 year quest a sequel?

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is a Japanese manga series written and storyboarded by Hiro Mashima, and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. It is a sequel to Mashima’s Fairy Tail series, focusing on Natsu Dragneel and his team from the titular wizard guild as they aim to complete an unfinished, century-old mission.

Is fairytail over anime?

On March 22, 2016, Mashima announced via Twitter that another Fairy Tail series was being developed. On July 20, 2017, Mashima confirmed on Twitter that the final season of Fairy Tail would air in 2018. The final season of Fairy Tail aired from October 7, 2018 to September 29, 2019.

Does Wendy Marvell die?

No. the closest she ever gotten to death was when they were trying to destory face, the mighty fight against Tartaros. Wendy Marvell was with Charla when this took place. Charla answers with tears in her eyes, “yes of course.” Then face explodes and Mest uses his teleportation to grab Wendy and Charla before they die.

Does Wendy and Carla die?

As Wendy is amazed by the Exceed’s ability, Carla manages to succeed in her plan, leaving her only to press a button. Carla then mentions that pressing the button will cause Face to self-destruct, resulting in both hers and Wendy’s death, completely shocking the latter to hear that.

How old are dragon slayers?

Most people believe Natsu and the other dragon slayers are over 400 years old because they were born around the same time frame as Zeref and we all know Zeref is 400 years old.

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