Does IPIC Westwood have parking?

Does IPIC Westwood have parking?

The theater provides parking.

Is IPIC going out of business?

Luxury movie theater and dining chain iPic-Gold Class Entertainment LLC moved to dismiss its Chapter 11 bankruptcy case now that its lenders have taken over and it lacks the funds to pay any of $200 million in unsecured claims.

How many IPIC locations are there?

14 locations
IPIC currently operates in 14 locations with 7 luxury restaurants and 107 screens nationwide.

How do I cancel my IPIC membership?

If you want to cancel a ticket purchased online, please visit No refunds will be provided for any ticket to a screening scheduled to start within one (1) hour.

What is special IPIC?

IPIC Theaters is an all-digital cinema with state-of-the-art technology in sound and projection including 3D. Do you accept credit cards and digital wallet, ‘e-wallet’ payments? IPIC accepts all major credit cards as payment and most digital wallet options.

Who bought iPic?

That company has now become the owner of iPic, according to state records. Montgomery, Alabama-based RSA, operating under the new subsidiary iPic Theaters, LLC, acquired “substantially all of the operating assets” of iPic Entertainment, according to an announcement from the company.

Is iPic a public company?

It went public in February 2018 in an IPO, with shares falling 15% on the first day of trading. In little over a year, the company’s market value has declined to $11.93 million from its IPO market value of $216 million.

Is popcorn complimentary at IPIC?

Every iPic Premium Plus ticketholder receives a complimentary pillow and blanket along with free popcorn throughout the film – perfect to enjoy the exciting new SNEAKIES from the comfort of their cinema seats, equipped with a ‘Ninja’ server call button for the ultimate convenience.

How do I check my IPIC gift card balance?

Dial 630-378-8035 and:

  1. Tell the customer service representative your gift card number.
  2. Ask them to check your remaining balance.

Whats included in IPIC?

Premium Plus Seating includes regular popcorn, blankets, pillows, extra comfortable reserved seats that recline, waiter services at your seat and no internet booking fees. Premium Seating includes reserved comfortable oversized leather seats that are extra wide.

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