Does a contents page count in word count?

Does a contents page count in word count?

Any preliminaries – things like title pages, acknowledgements, contents pages, table of tables, table of figures are not included in your word count.

Do direct quotes count in a word count?

The general rule is that word count includes everything in the main body of the text – including headings, tables, citations, quotes, lists, etc. The list of references, appendices, and footnotes are generally not included in the word count.

How do you add a reference at the end of a Word document?

Add citations to your documentClick at the end of the sentence or phrase that you want to cite, and then on the References tab, in the Citations & Bibliography group, click Insert Citations.From the list of citations under Insert Citation, select the citation you want to use.

How do you arrange references in Alphabetde order mendeley?

To get your list of references in alphabetical order, click on the heading ‘Bibliography’ in the left-hand window. Click on the plus sign and add a Sort node. Select the new Sort node with the mouse and click on the plus sign again to add a new sort key.

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