Do you need a 4wd to get to Quinninup Falls?

Do you need a 4wd to get to Quinninup Falls?

Quinninup Falls is located 10 kilometers south of Yallingup and it can be reached by 4wd from Quinninup Road (off Caves Road) or by foot from Moses Rock road car park. By foot it is a approximately 2kms if you head north along the Cape to Cape walking trail.

How do I get to Quinninup Falls?

To get to the falls, park at the Moses Road carpark. On your left, you will see toilets and a viewing platform and to the right is the path to the falls. At the start of the path, there are three small wooden posts and some large bushes on either side.

Is Quinninup falls flowing?

The waterfall only flows during the winter and spring months so that is really the only smart time to do this hike. But watch out for snakes during late Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The day we did the hike there were about 5 other groups either going to or coming from the falls.

Where do you park at Quinninup Falls?

the Moses Rock Car Park
To get to Quinninup Falls, drive to the Moses Rock Car Park. At the car park, the trail starts on your right with a sign showing the trail ahead. Tip: Make sure to put Moses Rock Car Park into Google Maps (located off Moses Rock Rd), not the falls otherwise you will be directed to an unsealed, bumpy 4wd track!

What Shire is quindalup in?

Quindalup is a small town in the South West region of Western Australia….Quindalup.

Quindalup Western Australia
Location 250 km (155 mi) WSW of Perth 21 km (13 mi) W of Busselton
LGA(s) City of Busselton
State electorate(s) Vasse

What Shire is australind?

The Shire of Harvey
The Shire of Harvey contains the following towns and localities: Australind.

What Shire is yallingup in?

Yallingup, Western Australia

Yallingup Western Australia
Location 256 km (159 mi) S of Perth 34 km (21 mi) W of Busselton
LGA(s) City of Busselton
State electorate(s) Vasse
Federal division(s) Forrest

What Shire is Pemberton in?

Shire of Manjimup
Shire of Manjimup | Brockman Street, Pemberton, WA | White PagesĀ®

What Shire is binningup?

Binningup, Western Australia

Binningup Western Australia
Location 154 km (96 mi) from Perth 31 km (19 mi) from Bunbury
LGA(s) Shire of Harvey
State electorate(s) Murray-Wellington
Federal division(s) Forrest

Is yallingup a town?

Yallingup is a quaint and beautiful small town on the west coast of the Margaret River Region just across the peninsula from Dunsborough facing the Indian Ocean. The break at Yallingup is famous amongst surfers worldwide and the Yallingup Reef creates ideal conditions for world class waves!

What is the meaning of Yallingup?

Place of caves
Yallingup’s name means “Place of caves” in the local Aboriginal Wardandi dialect, with “yal” meaning “large hole”; the name has been rumoured to mean “place of love” due to the popularity of weddings and honeymoons in the town.

What Shire is Darlington in?

Corangamite Shire
The little town of Darlington sits on the Mount Emu Creek, half in Corangamite Shire and half in the Moyne Shire. Travellers on the busy Hamilton Highway recognise the historic feature of the bluestone Elephant Bridge Hotel established in 1842.

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