Did the 8th Doctor have a TV series?

Did the 8th Doctor have a TV series?

Doctor WhoEighth Doctor / TV show

Although the film failed to spark a new television series, the Eighth Doctor’s adventures continued in various licensed spin-off media, notably BBC Books’ Eighth Doctor Adventures novels, audio plays from Big Finish Productions, and the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip.

How many Doctor Who audios are there?


Series Seasons Episodes
The Fifth Doctor Adventures 4 10
Unbound 1 8
The Eighth Doctor Adventures 23 118

How many Doctor Who audio dramas are there?

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas have produced 172 stories spanning 35 seasons. Currently, 52 stories and two individual episodes have been made available for download.

Are the Doctor Who audio dramas canon?

In April 2021, Nicholas Briggs responded to a fan who about whether the Big Finish audio stories were canon, with Nicholas stating outright, albeit in a unserious way, that the stories were canon. Writer Scott Gray later stated on his Twitter account that “all [of] Doctor Who is canon.

Is the war doctor the 8th Doctor?

He was created as a result of a conscious decision of the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, to take up arms and become a warrior; in accepting this duty, the War Doctor disowned the title of “Doctor”, and after the war’s end is viewed with disdain by his subsequent incarnations, who reclaim the title that the …

How many Doctor Who episodes lost?

Of the 253 episodes of Doctor Who produced by the BBC between 1963 and 1969, 97 are missing.

How long are Big Finish audio dramas?

Doctor Who. Big Finish began their Doctor Who range with a series of monthly full-cast dramas in four twenty five-minute episode format, mirroring the format commonly used by the original TV series.

Was Peter Cushing Dr Who?

Who is a character based on the Doctor, the protagonist featuring in the long-running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who. The character, portrayed by the actor Peter Cushing, appeared in two films produced by AARU Productions; Dr. Who and the Daleks (1965) and Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. (1966).

Are the Doctor Who adventure games still available?

In February 2012, the BBC announced they had shelved the games in favour of worldwide console games such as Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. At the end of May 2017, the game has no longer became available to purchase on the Steam platform.

How many regenerations does the Doctor have left?

12 times
He travels through time and space, saves the Earth, and has millions of fans all over the world. But as every “Whovian” knows, the Doctor cannot last for ever: Time Lords are able to regenerate only 12 times before they die.

What is the Eighth Doctor Adventures?

The Eighth Doctor Adventures is a Big Finish Productions audio play series based on the television series Doctor Who. It sees the return of Paul McGann reprising his role as the Eighth Doctor .

Who are the actors in the 8th Doctor?

It starred the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, Lucie Miller, played by Sheridan Smith and Tamsin Drew, played by Niky Wardley . The series was originally marketed as “The New Eighth Doctor Adventures”, but Big Finish Productions had largely dropped the word “New” by the series’ fourth and final series.

Who is the 8th doctor in blood of the Daleks?

Blood of the Daleks was the first story in the first series of the Eighth Doctor Adventures, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Steve Lyons and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and introduced Sheridan Smith as the new companion Lucie Miller .

When did the 8th Doctor first appear on Big Finish?

In 2006 Big Finish began a standalone range of audio plays featuring the Eighth Doctor. These stories were set after his travels with Charley Pollard and C’rizz in the main range, which were subsequently ended.

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